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Link/Synchronize - NON-SECURE concept on purpose?

  • Hi,

    I was looking forward to possibility to use Opera Link/Synchronize for my notebooks. But after reading more info, I'm really concerned, that used security concept is not one, that I can accept.

    Besically from what I've read (correct me if I'm wrong), my synchronized data are stored on Opera server(s). And yes, I have password to connect to Opera, so basically my data should be secure. But if I got it right, they're not!!! Opera employees can access this data! And where's security at this concept.

    From my point of view. If I'm developer, and making synchronization concept, I can decide how secure it will be, and how can data be accessed. If security concept is correct, no one else excepts me(user/client), can access the data in unencrypted form!!! Even the employee of company providing space. I mean data should be client encrypted, and send encrypted to provider system. So there's no way (without providing password, or trying some brute-force attacks) to access my private unencrypted data at all. And there's no reason for company to access my private data in any way! You should act as providing of space for raw encrypted data container.

    If you decided, to use concept with ability to read this data, I'm asking why???? Because this is decision, not need. So you decided to use this concept on purpose. From my point this purpose is strongly against my privacy! And it only indicates, that you want be able to read my private data if you need to. Or just sometime if you want to. And you could decided to use really safe way for clients if you just want to. So why this way???

    And if I got it right, and this is the way Opera link works, then this is NON SECURE concept. And I WILL NEVER use Opera link this way to possible exploit of my private unencrypted data to anyone but me. Because there's no need to.

    So please reconsider used security concept, so it can be used safe. So that users can use it, without need to worry.

    Thank you.