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Cookies control - save settings for specific sites - clear cookies for others

  • It would be nice if Opera could save and protect cookies-settings for specific sites, where users allowed (certain) cookies. These settings to be saved in a separate file, controlled by Opera.
    Meaning that such file will not be handled by usual cookies removal tools.

    Quite a number of my favourite sites are allowed to set cookies. It is okay and I accept that.
    I run a tool that removes cookies and some other stuff at pc startup.
    The situation is that the cookies of my 'favourite sites' are also removed and I have to set and accept those again each time.

    If those settings were both accepted and stored in a different way (.dat, .ini, .xml or whatever) and in a different folder, then they will not removed by the cookies removal tools, but can only be removed within Opera or by using Explorer.

    I believe there has been an earlier thread on this (locked).
    (Title: "Add right click context menu in "All cookies and site data" for cookies control")
    Maybe there are add-ons that can do this, I didn't check, but it should preferably be done by Opera itself.

  • The extension Policy Control does seem to lock those settings down. It makes it easy to change the cookie setting for a particular site.

  • Thanks a lot.

    As said (my last line), there may be extensions that can do this.
    This requires me to find and check out those extensions, see whether they are reliable in a sense that they have a good rating from a somewhat larger group of users, etc.

    Whereas I prefer a native solution. Hence my posting here.

    But, then again, I am not sure whether this section here is being read by anyone from Opera...

    p.s. if an extension is the only to go at present, then there is another extension may be "Vanilla Cookie Manager" (rated 4,5* by 48,000 users)