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Add a function to disable default Address bar icons

  • Please, add a function to disable default Address bar icons (Screenshots and Bookmarks), like "My Flow", "Opera Ads Blocker".

    Yes, it's good functions for some people, but not for all.
    I do not need Screenshots button, I use a OS's screenshots program that works on whole OS, not only in the web page.
    Some people use other Bookmarks extension, and they do not need your Bookmarks icon.

    I want to have the clear interface without unneeded icons.

  • Firefox allows to do this.

    And one more about the address bar icons:

  • You can get rid of "My Flow" by disabling it from the preferences. You can also disable the Opera ad blocking and use something like uBlock Origin, which does not put a button into the address bar.

  • OK, to put it simply:

    I can disable "My Flow", "Opera Ads Blocker" address bar icons from the settings. I know it.
    I CAN'T disable "Screenshots" and "Bookmarks" address bar icons.

    I need the ability to turn off Screenshots and Bookmarks icons.

    "Screenshots" and "Bookmarks" icons should behave like "My Flow", "Opera Ads Blocker" icons (They should have the same behave).

  • Absolutely!
    The Snapshot and the Easy Setup buttons are a eyesore! Why do functions that will be used very rarely need to be permanently in my adress bar?
    I will never understand these design decisions. Just give us a toogle to hide them, for god's sake.