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Built-in browser translation for any selected text

  • Good day! Today I switched from the Yandex browser to the Opera browser and immediately noticed one unpleasant detail for me: the text I select (on any websites, even in incognito mode) is not translated into my native language. In the Yandex browser, this function greatly simplified my life, in Opera this is not, so I decided to write to you. I hope I got to where it should be. I'm waiting for your answer!

  • @gernarav The buildin translator in browser is kind of heavily focused on region/country. Yandex is heavily focused on Russian market, so it'll be handy for translating English to Russian. Like Coccoc browser has build-in translator to translate Eng-to- Vietnamese. It's still local features, seems not many browser have that build-in. Only local browsers as I see.

    But agree, it's good to have.

  • Well, it's not an instantaneous translation like the feature you're suggesting would be, but the "Translator" extension on the front page of Opera's extensions site acts quite similar to what you're suggesting (

    If you highlight a block of text, all you have to do is click on the Translator icon in your toolbar and it will automatically paste in the text, auto-detect the language, and translate it for you. It's actually quite good. So like I mentioned, it's not instantaneous translation like you want but it's really only one quick extra step.