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  • Just encountered an old bug again.
    When I've clicked "preview", everything disappered, and "save draft" and other stuff lines started doubling.
    And by the way, I clicked "save draft", but it didn't seem to actually save anything... (And where can one see their drafts, by the way?)

    [In case it matters, I'd picked a thread from my threads list on my profile page. So there it happened.]

  • According to the bug when you post a comment, and other posts are doubling: I have that problem sometimes too. I can try to remember to post a screen shot next time I encounter it.

  • Not posts doubling.

    (Maybe posts too - I didn't notice.)

  • Dear developers,
    to remind you - we're still having some minor bugs to fix here:

    1. after editing a post (not OP), the page appears not normal - the OP doubled and the last, edited post only;
    2. we use the "@" character to "call on" a certain user, but here some characters are allowed in usernames that make such "calling" broken - like dashes etc., so that such "callings" as "@power-user" wouldn't work but will instead "call on" a power user (which is the wrong guy if exists at all) being followed by a plain text "-user" (example: "@power-user").

    Please fix those. 🙂

  • +1

    I'm suffering from both of these bugs.

  • Don't tell me my Firefox is not up-to-date - just installed 41.something.
    While reporting something, the text box is still "half a line" high - as it was in my older Foxes.

  • And again, wrong last posts and wrong latest commented threads are being shown on this page.
    Again. Three instances even. Simultaneously. 😕
    Let alone this "recent moderation bug", plus 1 instance in a row (the four bottom sections).

    Edit: now this particular thread (and post) is showing right. Only this one here in the four.
    Another edit: 2 are shown right now - but it took TIME!

  • My latest posts (top) are not showing as such on the index page, kinda again...

  • Wrong/outdated showing/not showing the latest threads updates on the boards and on the index page has become more frequent.

    Are there any developers of this site that are actually developing it or what?
    Those bugs described above have been persisting here for many months already! 😕

  • The Operaforums header has stopped being normal, neat: no-neat-1 - checked that reloading doesn't help, same in Firefox and Chrome.

    And - now entered this thread, the smilies in the previous comments look corrupted...

    Add-on: aha! the footer's clumpy too - just happened to notice.

  • The above has been resolved. Quite shortly.

    Now, I've encountered an inconvenience.
    For "Opera sold", I saw a "2 new" red notice-icon. I clicked as usual - onto the thread's title-link: I appeared on page 2 with the only one, latest, new comment, the other, last but one, was the last on page 1 - I had to click 1 and scroll down there...
    It might seem odd, but I presume it might relate to some other, very minor but still, inconveniences - when you click that and appear seeing the last already read post in the thread, and so such. :rolleyes:

  • I've observed that forum 'pagination' and what it involves/causes seem to be problematic on a number of forums I visit. I've had posts get lost if a post in a thread 'rolls over' to start another page, in some cases remaining "lost" until somebody else comes along to post below it - whence my post suddenly appears at the top of the page above theirs. In a few cases, such of my posts have been lost permanently (and 'mysteriously', according to forum managers).

    In fact, if you ever visit the Vivaldi browser forum, you may find that if you start viewing at the current index page number 1 and then move on to page 2, 3, etc, you may be unable to back-navigate back to page number 1. In some browsers, back-navigating will only take you to page 2; in others, they will jump over page 1 and go back to whatever was in the browser before you first went to the forum. It's like you can only get back to page 1 by either editing the address box URL or by clicking on the "1" box on the page itself.

    Pagination can be a pain.

  • On the index page, this board showed only my own previous comment on top. I clicked it - appeared there were TWO threads up "new" on them!
    What the heck! What's up? Come on! When?