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  • Hi, I don´t know if there is any option to do the gestures of going back and forward on the pages with the touchpad, so it would be nice if you added like chrome or edge do in their navigators. Because is a mess to use always the arrows at the top of the screen.

  • yes opera, please add this funtionality to use 2 fingers to go back and forward. You are the only browser which doesn't do so

  • Seriously if some opera devs did bother to come check these suggestions but if it is please implement this. I mean even Chrome did it, so you must have almost all ready on Chromium.

  • why it`s not implemented yet ? 😤

  • Wait this is not implemented yet? Opera is this a joke?

  • Wiki Link

    You are welcome!

  • @zXRennyXz Why should we?
    There is still no 2 finger gesture. I can use 2 finger to go back/forward in chrome but nıt in Opera. This is really annoying.

  • @berkardic That feature is quite literally on every single chromium browser except Opera. Opera is far far behind many browsers even the mainstream ones with their poor decisions.

  • @zXRennyXz Yeah, those have to be the most useless gestures for a trackpad I've ever seen. If i was using my mouse I would just use the Bound inputs. But on a trackpad, having to click while sliding it in the exact direction is difficult to do, so even though i have it on, it's more of a hassle to use it than to just stick to chrome.

  • Hey, are there any updates on this feature request?
    Or developers do not use touchpad at all??? Just copy this feature from any other browser plz

  • Bro how is this not implemented yet?

    I just switched and really like Opera, but this is a dealbreaker

  • Still now feedback? I really love Opera but simple and important features like this forces me to use other browsers when on my laptop

    Please implement this feature

  • Yeah, its so annoying that I couldn't do the two-finger touchpad swipe left/right for the browser. It's the one single blemish of an otherwise Chrome killer. I would switch to Opera full time but because its absent, I would be back and forth between Chrome and Opera then...

    What's even more annoying is that my nephew Could do the gestures in Opera and even he didn't know that it was actually absent in Opera browsers. No extensions, no setting tweaking, nothing, so clearly the devs Could implement it.