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Ecosia as a default search-engine | Fight climate change now!

  • Already a long while ago, the ECOSIA plugin stopped working. Since then there is no possibility to add Ecosia as the default Search Engine. Ecosia gives 2/3 of their revenues by search ads to tree planting and reforestation and to support the cause. They operate transparent, CO2 neutral and respect user privacy.

    While millions of young people demonstrate world wide for climate justice and their future, Opera should do their part now and bring back Ecosia as a default searchengine, so Opera users can support regrowth of forest and the fight against climate change.

  • Ecosia is a search engine that plants tres. It uses Bing as it's base so it provides good search results, and a good portion of the revenue they get from the ads is used to finance reforestation projects.

    Having it as a default search engine option would encourage more people to use it!

  • It's interesting thing, that you can add custom default Search Engines in any Chromium browser (Chrome, Vivaldi, Brave), except Opera.

  • Everything is in the title
    Ecosia would be a really nice add as a default search engine, for both phone and PC app

  • Hello opera team,

    It won't take so much effort just to activate Ecosia as a standard, will it? Why don't you? It is so important to protect and restore our environment now. If not, we will have big problems or die in the next decades.

    I will uninstall the Opera if it is not introduced by next week.

    Many thanks in advance!

  • Although Opera allows you to use custom search engines by setting a keyword before your query, it does not currently allow you to set your default search engine to anything except six choices. This is a great start—for privacy-conscious users, DuckDuckGo is one of the options, and I've been happy to use it.

    However, there have been 70 threads in the Opera forums talking about another search engine—Ecosia—which uses the profits it earns from ads to plant trees. In a 2016 article, it was estimated that Google receives 63,000 searches per second. I'm willing to bet that number is even higher now, but if that many searches were done using Ecosia, that would result in around 1,400 trees planted (63,000/45 searches per tree).

    This is a significant way that people can contribute to environmental causes without major commitments, or even investments of time. However, it is only effective if users can do it conveniently.

    By enabling Ecosia as one of the default search engines available for users to select, that would raise awareness of it and result in a more sustainable internet. Barring that, even enabling custom default search engines would allow people to switch over to this search engine without the inconvenience of typing a keyword before their search. This may seem minor, but convenience can dramatically impact people's choices in how they search.

    Please add Ecosia as a default search engine available for selection, or allow users to choose custom search engines to be their default. I've been happy using Opera for the past two years, because I believe in its values—the internet, open standards, and people. Ecosia supports those same themes, and I would like to use both without having to find workarounds, extra clicks, or extra keystrokes.

  • @anonan Actually Opera is the ONLY modern browser to restrict it's user with search engines among other things. IMO the restriction is idiotic and doesn't secure the user anymore than other browsers.

  • @jcrissler please calm down. This ideological influenced message has long passed through.
    -Now head out in the nature and plant those trees...

    Saving the world isn't done by sitting comfortably behind a resource demanding device... 😏