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How to copy all video codecs from Opera Snap to Opera

  • I installed Opera on Linux, an Ubuntu. Problem is that several videos and live streams are not working (This video file cannot be played. (Error Code: 224003)) It´s an very well-known issue and this is because Opera does not have the license for those codecs, and Google does.

    However, I found out that installing Opera for Snap on Linux has video codecs to play the videos and live streams.

    But.... The entire browser of Opera for Snap looks pale in comparison to the default Opera. Also the videos look pale in comparison to other browsers and the overall graphical quality of the browser seems to be worse than the default Opera (every page has this sort of pale quality).

    So to solve that, my goal is to use the default Opera (not Opera for Snap), but because several videos and live streams don´t work, I want to copy all videos codecs from Opera for Snap to the default Opera.
    Then I have the good graphical quality browser (default Opera) and the codecs to play videos (from Opera of Snap) that won´t work otherwise.

    So I searched for ffmpeg on my PC, but no codec file of Opera Snap comes up.

    So my question: Where to find the video (ffmpeg / chromium-ffmpeg / mpeg) codecs from Opera from Snap and can I copy those to probably the same folder inside the default Opera?

    Thanks all for your hints and advise.

    Or, if anyone has experience with the pale quality of Opera of Snap, and knows how to solve that, would be appreciated too.

  • Since you are on ubuntu, why don't you just install chromium ffmpeg codecs and use the deb package of opera instead?

    As for the snap one, do you also have the snap package of chromium ffmpeg codecs installed as well, ie this?

    If yes, that is why you have better multimedia support in the snap version. If you did not have it, snap opera's multimedia support would be as crippled as the regular opera's.

    p.s. I do not use the snap version of opera (or any other app). I am a well known anti-snap/appimage/flatpak/whatever-mimics-windows-app-installations user 😛

  • @jimunderscorep Yes, thank you very much. I already installed chromium ffmpeg codecs, the deb package of opera, also the snap package of chromium ffmpeg codecs, also the snap package of Opera. I did everything. The result is: the normal default package of Opera shows colors normal (black = black, enough contrast between light and dark), but the Snap package of Opera shows everything pale, lacking contrast between light and dark, and I even tested the video and sound quality, but the conclusion is that the snap package of Opera is less quality than the default package of Opera. I can´t explain or understand why there is difference between the two browser packages, but since default Opera is better than Snap Opera, I try to use the default one, but only problem is that the default Opera does not detects the ffmpeg codecs I installed, and Snap Opera does. If the default Opera would do that, I would use that browser and this whole post on this forum would be not needed... Thank you for your quick response.

  • I need to add that the Operating System is built on an Ubuntu Linux foundation, and it is Zorin OS.

  • thanks for sharing

  • This post is deleted!