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[Solved]Latest Opera does not work with Sandboxie

  • The Windows user account you're testing on, is it an administrator account or a standard user account?

  • What GPU and driver version do you have? Thanks.

  • @burnout426
    I have only had my new PC 3-4 days and am not yet conversant with it, Win 10 is a huge change after 14 years on Win XP. I am not able to manipulate Win 10 yet, so will have to leave these system adjustments until I have become more familiar and confident with Win 10.
    I will use Chrome until Opera sorts out their software.
    A zillion thanks for all the help you have given me.

  • This post is deleted!
  • @burnout426 said in Latest Opera does not work with Sandboxie:

    From another Sandboxie thread, I see that in addition to --no-sandbox being used, you might have to add OpenIpcPath=*\Sessions\*\BaseNamedObjects\CrSharedMem_* to sandboxie.ini.

    To be clear on how to add to sandboxie.ini...

    In the Sandboxie control program, select the sandbox in question. Then, click "configure" on the menu bar and choose "Edit Configuration". Then, it'll open Notepad as an administrator and open sandboxie.ini. Add the OpenIpcPath line at the end of the DefaultBox section and save your changes. Then, you can close out of notepad, choose "Configure" again and choose "Reload configuration".

    You only need to do all of that though if you can get Opera to work in Sandboxie with the --no-sandbox switch where then Opera crashes sometimes after that. In other words, I wouldn't add that line unless you have do. It makes no noticeable difference for me. Then again, --no-sandbox works for me.

  • I have decided to use Chrome as my browser. No problem there with Sandboxie.
    Just right click the Chrome desktop icon, Sandboxie asks in drop down "run sandboxed", click it and Chrome opens fully Sandboxie sandboxed. No problems.

    Doing exactly the same with Opera ? Failure as usual - white screen.
    Goodbye Opera until you sort out your software like Chrome and Firefox have.

  • Life is good again. Sandboxie opens Chrome like a bullet. No problems.
    A very sad RIP to a beloved old friend after many years of close companionship - bye, bye Opera.
    Perhaps in the distant future I will check Opera again, but Chrome is a magnificent browser, very much like Opera in many ways.

    I have used Chrome in the past as my default browser and only changed to Opera because Chrome dumped support for XP. No support problems now with Windows 10.

  • I wish all Opera fans a VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR.

    From a long time Opera fan, now exiled to Google Chrome because Opera does not work with
    Win 10 Sandboxie.


  • This post is deleted!
    The latest on this matter - February 2019 - Opera is now compatible with Sandboxie
    and the initial incompatibility with Opera is now solved.
    Opera can now be Sandboxied.

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