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Opera upgraded and now I can't print

  • My old Opera....installed by my brother....worked like a charm.
    Now with an upgrade, I go to print something and all I get is a way to save it to a pdf file.
    I go to the file and I can't print from there either.
    I have been searching like crazy for several days to figure out what is going on...tried two different "print" extensions for Opera and nothing changes. I loved Opera before, but not being highly tech-savy....just a 69 year old senior...I need a bit of help here. Thanks in advance!

  • Do your other apps and browsers see your printer properly? Can you print from them?

  • @jimunderscorep Yes, I can print from both Chrome and Firefox.

    By the way I am using Ubuntu Bionic Beaver.


  • Here is an interesting thing that might help someone get to the bottom of my problem.

    When I try to print something in Firefox.... let's say an online receipt in Gmail....if I click on the print icon I get a reformated page showing what will be printed, along with a PRINT button. When I try the same thing in Opera, a screen appears for just an instant...followed by the page that gives me no print option, just save to PDF. Now what is interesting is over on the left margin, there is a very small piece of another page, with JUST enough to show me that it is the same Gmail format I get when I go to print in Firefox. It LOOKS like the correct PRINT page is there, it's just hidden behind the "useless" one. I cannot minimize or drag the one on top away. I notice at the moment that 95 people have read my posing but I only got one question in reply, so I don't know if everyone thinks I should easily have figured this out, or that 95 good folks are scratching their heads over this one! Any feedback would be gratefully accepted! Ridgerunner

  • I just noticed that there is a small text on the side of opera's print dialog page that says "print using system dialog". Can you try that and see if it works for you? Plus, you can get to that dialog by pressing ctrl+shift+p. It seems that this is the "correct" print dialog, the one used by the system and other apps


    Unfortunately, I do not have a printer to test it out and provide more info.

  • Thanks jimunderscorep....I tried that as soon as I found your post this AM. I did the ctrl+shift=p but unfortunately, my dialog box doesn't look like yours. There is no print box at the bottom. <drat> and the only thing I can change is the number of pages to print....which I can't print! (insert the sound made by an aggravated pirate) If I could just change that "Print to File" to route the page to the printer, I would probably stress out my back, but I would dance anyway!
    🙂 Ridgerunner

  • I am really surprised that over 250 folks have read my post and I have received only one set of questions and one possible solution....which unfortunately didn't work......and that's been it. I figured this was a simple fix that I just wasn't smart enough to do, or it was something common that others had already experienced and had worked through a solution. Now I'm not sure if I just have some strange side-effect of using various (approved) apps or whether my computer needs an exorcism. It certainly isn't a game changer....I can always switch to Firefox or Chrome and print to my heart's content, but there is something very wrong when a browser won't let you print at all. Before I uninstall Opera, I guess I will cast this posting out one more time and see if I get any nibbles. Ridgerunner