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Opera doesn't save passwords in the password menager

  • Do you have Bitdefender installed?

  • "Are you loading Opera with Sandboxie?" No

    "Are you using CCleaner?" I was using before (after Opera's problem) now not

    "Where do you have Opera installed?" Now C:\Users\Kamil\AppData\Local\Programs\Opera

    "Where did you install the standalone and portable versions of Opera? Did you make sure to install them in a space in your userprofile like folders on your desktop where you have read and write access?" Folder on my desktop

    In Process Monitor and I've got few results "NAME NOT FOUND", 1 "NO MORE ENTRIES" or "BUFFER OVERFLOW" everything else is "SUCCESS"

    And folder VirtualStore is empty

    No, I don't have Bitdefender

  • What's the condition of your hard drive according to CrystalDiskInfo (if you're able to run it)? Maybe Opera's hitting some bad sectors on the drive that are read only or something.

    Also, if you're able to run it, launch a command prompt as an admin, enter chkdsk /r and press ENTER. Tell it to run at startup and restart the computer.

    Maybe make a standalone installation on a USB drive and see how Opera behaves there.

  • I'm able to run it (ss) 0_1540804937895_Dyskk.jpg (dobry ~ good)

    Chkdsk /r didn't help.

    Standalone installation on a USB drive didn't help too.

  • Create another user account on Windows to test with and see how things work with Opera in it. Might just be limited to your user account.

    After that, might be good to do some extensive malware scanning.

  • Woow, on the another user account is everything OK :o

  • @kosqu That most likely means it's a permission issue or an issue in the registry.

    Hmm, what OS do you have, what version, what edition and is it 64-bit or 32-bit?

    When you created a new Windows user account, did you create a standard user/limited account or an administrator account?

    On your Kamil account (the problem account), if you right-click the Opera shortcut and "run it as administrator", do some things and save some passwords, close Opera and run Opera as an admin again, are your passwords still there?

    What type of account is Kamil? Is it an administrator account or a standard user account?

    On your problem account what do other browsers like Firefox, Vivaldi and Chrome do? Do they have issues saving stuff too?

    Opera might be blocked by a policy in the registry or group policy editor. But, if it does it to all/most programs, it's probably some messed up permissions somewhere.

  • I've got Win 10 64-bit.

    I created new account +/- one week ago I thnk, and its administrator account.

    "Run it as administrator" - still doesn't work.

    Kamil is administrator.

    On the other browser (Chrome, Firefox) everything is ok.

  • Hmm, I wonder if there's something in the registry for the Kamil account that's specifically blocking opera.exe.

    You could press the windows key + r, type regedit and press enter. Then, left-click on "Computer". Then, goto edit -> find. Then, search for opera.exe in keys, values, date and uncheck "match whole string only". Then search. to see what it finds. Press F3 each time to find the next instance of opera.exe. Mabye you'll be able to find something in "polices" or something like that that is specifically blocking Opera writing to disk or something. Long shot, but something to try.

    You could also do windows key + r, type gpedit.msc, press ENTER and look through there.

    You can run a scan with MalwareBytes to see what it finds.

    Besides looking for malware and viruses, and searching the registry, you might just be better off using a new admin account on Windows and copying your documents over.

  • So I'm gonna to create new account 😕

    MalwareBytes im using this for a year and now didn't help me

    In registry I didn't find anything (maybe something was there but I didn't see)

    Thanks for help everyone 🙂