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Facebook notifications doesn't work

  • So, I have this problem for quite long now... it was present on my previous Kubuntu installation (14.04), and now after I did a clean install of 18.04, I still have this issue (although I did install all the old extensions again that I've had in Opera before).

    The problem is, I always have to refresh Facebook to see if there's any new notifications, and sometimes even then they don't show up. Interestingly, this only effects the normal notifications (like, comment etc.), but new messages and friend requests do show up without refreshing the page.

    It does this even when testing in a private window. All other browsers not affected. I do have FBPurity installed, but I've tried disabling it, and it didn't fix the issue. I have like at least a dozen other extensions, probably not affecting Facebook, I didn't test them all. Maybe Notifycon can be another culprit, I don't know...

    I haven't found any relevant result in Google with the exact same problem, and it's really annoying me now, so I just try it here: does anyone else has this problem, and if yes, has anyone found a solution other than changing browser? I love Opera, so I don't really want to change because of this...

  • Somebody? Anybody? Nobody? I can't believe I'm the only one having this problem...

    In the meantime I've tried to strategically disable/enable my extensions, but without finding a definitive culprit. Sometimes the notifications came through, I've thought I've found the faulty extension, but then when I've enabled all the others, the problem still came back.

    It's like this is caused by multiple extensions having a problem with each other, or I don't know... pretty hard to debug, but it's bugging me for years now... any suggestions would be appreciated.

  • Never faced problem like this. What is happening when you do a fresh Opera install without any extensions?

  • @ivarzlv: I can't really do a fresh install on Linux, since it'll use the same config folder. But as far as I remember, notifications come through without extensions.

    Also, during my experimentation, I've noticed when I disable these extensions, I get the notifications:

    Dark Reader
    Disable HTML5 Autoplay
    Disqus Downvote Exposer
    Flash Video Downloader
    I don't care about cookies

    But, the tricky bit is, I've tried to disable them one by one, but none of them is causing the problem alone. I mean, if I just disable one of them, the problem still persists. I need to disable 2 or 3 of them in various combinations, and then I get the notifications. So, I'm even more confused now...

    I'll try to disable all extensions in private browsing, and opening Facebook there, to see what happens.

  • Okay, after much experimentation, it seems like I have a strong suspect now among my extensions. Now I've only disabled this Flash Video Downloader:

    And since that, notifications started to get through. I don't know how I've missed it earlier, but this seems to be the culprit. I just leave this here as future reference, I guess I'm not the only one using this extension in Opera...