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Flow Improvement & Social Notification Integration on Sidebar Request

  • Hi all.

    Long time user, first time poster.

    First of all, I'd just liek to say thank you to all of those that work so hard to create what has become the best browser available. There's so much about Opera that I love, and so much that no other browser can match.

    The recent implementation of Flow is an excellent feature - as a business, I frequently need to send notes to myself from my phone via email which wastes space on my limited server invbox, so for me, this is game changing and FANTASTIC when I'm not on my PC, and it's such a great idea.

    However, I'd like to suggest one simple feature - to be able to edit our flow items.

    Within days of release, I've already started using and falling in love with Flow to keep a copy + paste messages that I send to clients for FAQ's. However, I frequently fiddle around and change with my messages, and in order to do that with the current Flow system, I have to copy and paste the entire thing, re-write what I want and then send it again, and delete the original.

    I would really love to see an "edit" feature added to flow. This would really make it so perfect for me as a business and an individual.

    I could then also start using it as my to-do list rather than windows sticky notes which are only there on my PC. The edit feature would allow me to keep a list that I can edit and use on whichever device - which is something that would be very useful to me, and I'm sure to others as well.

    I love Opera - I really do, and it's so great to see new and innovatve features being added constantly - like Flow, the inbuilt VPN (Even if it does slow everything down a lot), the built in ad block that is surprisingly good, the side bar, theme and background customisation, the general UI and feel of Opera compared to others, the speed dial (one of my favourite features), built in Facebook and WhatsApp to the sidebar and so many more amazing things. Fangirl moment here, but I just wanted to say thank you and let you know that as a business owner - I spend most of my life on the PC, and you make my life a lot more pleasant. The only thing I can complain about is that it does hog a lot of memory when in use compared to Chrome - but that's a sacrifice I'm willing to make, and it's never an issue for me personally as I have a professional grade pc capable of video/photo editing so it never even hurts the performance, and even if it did, I'd be willing to sacrifice performance for the features. Chrome regularly big up their "lightweight" browser, but it's not just light weight in it's resource usage, it's also lightweight in it's features and user experience.

    If I'm going to be greedy, social integration on the sidebar would be nice - Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+ and LinkedIn - so that we can see when new notifications are there and then click the icon to head to the page. I'm guessing building a full on platform for the social sites within the sidebar like FB/WhatsApp messengers is a big ask, but a icon that shows you when you have new notifications surely would be fairly easy?

    Another ask would be for WhatsApp to stop being so annoying and asking for your phone to be connected to WiFi, but I know that's not Opera's developers fault - it's WhatsApp themselves as the PC app does it too, but maybe with the weight behind your company you could ask WhatsApp very nicely but sternly to stop being so annoying!

    Many thanks to you all, and please, keep up the amazing work in making the best browser on both pc and phones the best and most innovative one available.

    I really wanted to get this feedback in, and I couldn't find an email address or anywhere to send feedback, so I hope this has found the right place to be seen by the devs.