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Connection Error: cannot sync data

  • Since opera mini disappeared from the AppStore I have the feeling the opera guys either will launch a complete new version, integrate the sync function in the OperaTouch version or gave up with further development and dismiss this browser version. Very SAD :_(

    Why is it not possible that Opera posts there further development strategie?

  • @enid I have the same login issue with Opera Mini ver 16.0.14

    • on iPhone, ver 10.3.3
    • on iPad, ver 12.0.1

    I have been using Opera Mini for more than 10 years now.
    I work on a 19" mac with Opera ver 57.0 which runs and syncs perfectly but obviously I prefer smaller devices with me on the go.
    Not being able to sync mobile devices is a serious issue...

    Could anyone suggest me any setup steps to doublecheck? Anyone from Support Team to turn to who can explain a little more?
    It would be reassuring to know that the developers are aware of the issue and a solution is coming to it very soon so that iOS/Opera Mini users can keep using the browser's every great feature.

  • Well, I left a comment in the App store on Opera Mini review, linking this thread.
    I gave 3 stars because I don't want to pull Opera down but I was hoping to raise some attention. It has not been approved or answered yet.

    Does anyone have any idea what might cause this problem? Is there anything that requires some special setting on the user's side? I just faced this recently after I got my iPad. And I was fool enough to log out of Opera Mini on my iPhone, you know "just to test some things"... Now I'm completely out and lost. Such a dispair!

  • me too.

  • Same thing for me,too. Fix this.

  • I am also having this issue. Both iOS and Opera Mini are updated properly, but it just doesn't want to connect. Same error as above.

  • @potvoraz
    The same

  • I am having the same issue.

  • WTF with this Opera Mini????

  • How sad. July 22 2019 and the same issue is paining all of us since forever. I have stupidly tried resetting passwords thrice,Uninstalled and everything else but nothing worse. Now i know,they kind of disabled the sync. Because if they were discontinuing the support..they wont be updating opera mini app on the app store. Sync works fine with flow sigh

  • Same issue. Guess there’s a reason I googled it.

  • Thought it was just me who got the passwords wrong ... how can this still be an issue?

  • At some point, Opera Mini and Opera Coast too have disappeared from the available products in the app store.
    The twin app called Oupeng Mini offered by nHorizon Innovation Beijing Ltd is still available but it gives the same error message on login attempts.
    Opera data syncing on iOS device seems to be no longer possible...???
    Anyone else tried to contact the support? I haven't received a response from them.