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Opera Flow - More than one Desktop?

  • I was really excited about Opera Flow but let down when it appeared that I could only connect my phone to one desktop at a time. I regularly use my desktop at home, desktop at work, and laptop everywhere in between. I'd love to see Flow work between all of these desktop devices.

  • My workflow is:

    • Browse on the couch with the tablet
    • Browse at work with the laptop
    • Browse "seriously" at home with the desktop PC
    • Browse outside with my phone

    So my worklfow implies 2 desktop Operas and two mobile Operas. It would be great that Flow would broadcst this to all four instances.
    Sync was great (Speed Dials for the win) to this regard.

  • Yeah this would be great, if Flow is synced between more of one Browser and the mobile device.
    I use a homecomputer, workingcomputer and my Mobile Device.
    I was really disappointed to see that i can only connect to one browser at the time. I shared a site on my computer at work to the flow to see it at home, but this doesn't worked 😞
    Hope you guys introduce a sync or connect flows with browserIDs.

  • Would love to connect my 2 pc's with flow too.

  • so, i have synced up everything but my second laptop, is there a way to do this now?

  • @ultravio1et I'm not sure. Frankly, I cut my losses with Opera a while ago. Vivaldi is my go-to for power-user features now. No iOS support is a bummer if you have an iPad or something in the mix; and it lacks some of the fit and finish of other browsers, but I find that I keep going back to it.

  • i just tried adding a computer while on my ipad and it worked. so all my devices are linked now which is nice

    Vivaldi is a excellent option, but no iOS support at the moment means its not really for me

  • I used to have more than one desktop connected but not anymore. With Opera 69.0.3686.36 & Opera Touch 2.5.2 I can't connect another PC. I ried disconnecting, restarting My Flow - nothing works. I can only connect one desktop & many mobile devices. Opera doesn't recognise desktop's name. It used to use different desktop names but now it says just "desktop".

    Edit: so I diconnected desktop from My Flow on my smartphone & decided to connect it to my other PC (as there was content in my flow that I need to have on PC number 2)... and couldn't connect. There is something wrong with this Opera version.

  • I work with a PC and Mac lately and I would love to have them connected with Flow. It seems that is not possible to do it right now. Hope Opera pushes an update to keep multiple desktop and mobile devices.

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