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  • Opera touch is meant to be used with one hand, this suggestion should be crazy and impractical but it should be COOL for single-handed use.

    double clicking the FAB botton should look for the input field in the page, set the focus there, the cursor too, and open the keyboard(if the user actually writes something in this input field it becomes the prioritized input field for the next double clicking).

    the prioritized input field should always be the last input field the user actually WROTE in.

    if the page contains more than 1 input field the next double click will iterate to the next input field(this will require the FAB botton to stay visible above the keyboard), should we finish iterating all the fields the next double click will start from input field 1. and the browser will save the input field we used so the next double click will go to that input field first regardless of it's position in the page HTML.

    example : a page contains 3 input fields, click the FAB botton twice for the first time will go the input field N1; clicking it again will go to input field N2; clicking it again will go to input field N3; and lastly the fourth double click will go to input field N1(if this cycle starts and the browser has a prioritized input field, it should start from the prioritized input field then to the one below it), (let's assume the user stopped in input field 2 and did not write anything so it's not prioritized, after waiting a certain amount of time, the counter resets and the next double click starts from input field 1/the prioritized input field)

    maybe also add more features that can be triggered by double/triple clicking the FAB botton that user can select in the option menu
    ofc also the ability to disable this feature (the double clicking)