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My flow "failed to connect"

  • @zarespx You are on mobile, did you try removing them in the Desktop version as @lifefeast suggested?

  • @m4ssacre yes i tried but i can't connect so i can't remove any device

  • @zarespx go to the Opera desktop web browser (on computer)
    Click on My flow triangle icon (pop up panel is shown)
    Click on My flow settings icon (gear on pop up panel)
    You will see list of devices (or one device)
    Disconnect all of them. If it marked as (This device) disconnect it too.

    Press "Connect a phone" button (or something like that)

  • @oleksa i'd love to do that but look at my situation :

    I don't have any device connected and when i try to connect one, it says "flow failed to connect" (on phone, and on computer nothing happen) :


  • Same "Failed to Connect" error with my new Note 9 but my old Note 4 and Nexus 5X work fine. Tried all of the above suggestions but no luck. Uninstalled Touch, deleted Flow from PC browser, made sure camera is enabled on phone, tried QR scan and manual code entry. Weird thing is that after deleting my Nexus connected with no problem but no luck with Note 9. PC Browser version is up to date and all phones are running version 2.00.

    Really frustrating because I like Touch and My Flow on my old phones and ditched Chrome for it. But I like my Note 9 better than Opera and will have to return to Chrome if a fix can't be found.

  • On my computer that I wanted to connect, I deleted the flow and was able to connect my phone. Luckily, I didn't have anything in the flow that I wished to save. Hope this helps others.

  • @Mospeada ** My Bookmarks keep disapearing on iphone 7 Opera only 1 version wots going on i want mini or mobile Sucking all the fun out out of it.,.. Can i use flow connect my laptop even if forgot windows password Anybody any idea**

  • disable VPN

  • @ITAKAAAAA You must just connect on your opera account to retry.

  • same with me.

  • Doesn't work with Opera Developer for me.

  • I had this problem after I reinstalled my Opera and erased my user data, I got to connect everything the same way it was before, except Flow. Then I turned off vpn, adblock, nothing worked for me but delete my previous Flow information from my phone and unfortunately I lost many important messages... You have to disconnect both phone and desktop on settings and then delete Flow completely so it'll work I don't know why. When I got my new notebook I had to transfer everything from the old one and I got zero problems with Opera, I've never been so disappointed.

  • @chubners I'm glad to see you got it going again! I've spent hours dicking around with it and still can't get it working.

    I'd like to try your approach but am not sure I understand what you mean by "You have to disconnect both phone and desktop on settings and then delete Flow completely". Would you mind terribly if I bother you for step by step instructions? I'd love to get flow working again.

  • @chubners ufff... this might sound harsh, but I don't see the flow as a storage of important information.

    It totally feels as something which allows you to temporarily transfer stuff from one device to another. Maybe it's just me who feels that way because I'm a web developer. I also remove all messages from the flow regularly to keep it clean.

    I know you where not expecting to loose this information and this sucks. Seeing this service as a save place to store important things was a little naive, though 😕
    Another thing: When you deleted your flow, didn't you see the message which states that everything will be gone?

    @SonicWeaver Step by Step? There is only one way. Also on the mobile phone, it's easy to find at "My Flow" -> Burger Menu on top right -> Settings -> Delete My Flow


  • @m4ssacre I have spent hours screwing around to get Flow working on my Note 9 and have tried every suggestion on this thread. I understand how to delete the flow from the cpu and phone and have tried that but it still doesn't work it. But does work with 2 other phone with no problems.

    I am asking how chubners what is meant by - "You have to disconnect both phone and desktop on settings and then delete Flow completely".

    How do you disconnect both the phone and computer?

  • Have you allowed the permissions required so that Opera Touch works properly?

  • @duck202 Yes. Other than Flow Opera Touch works fine. It fails at the scan and manual code input.

  • Opera Touch lastest version on iPhone and opera deskop for mac lastest version on lastest macos doesn't work.

  • same here doesn't work
    Country : Algeria
    phone : Condor
    OS : Windows 10

  • My Flow wasn’t deleting stuff so I reset it and now trying to add my devices back and none of them are able to connect either with the QR scan of the password ’failed to connect check your network settings’ not sure where to go from here really

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