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  • Hello,
    after the latest update to Upera 60 on Android, flow was introduced under settings. But it is impossible to connect the PC to opera. Only connecting PC to opera touch works under left menΓΌ bar Flow...
    EDIT: It works now, after going to Flow on PC, top left 3 dots and doing emergency reset. Then restarted opera on pc 2 times , choose connect on android and opened on pc
    after connecting each phone, I restarted opera on pc

  • @oleksa I tried that solution, and it works! Thanks

    Still the same problems, 2.5 years later. Guess "My Flow" is not supported anymore and cancelled.

  • @bambast what I did was to disconnect all devices linked to the Flow. Then, first, I connected my phone, followed by the other devices.

    So basically, disconnect all devices. First connect your phone. Followed by your other devices.

  • OK people, after trying every single solution suggested in this thread (including emergency resetting My Flow) without any success, let me share how I solved the problem:

    • Backing up My Flow:
    1. Open My Flow.
    2. Click somewhere on a text.
    3. Press Ctrl+A on the keyboard, this will select everything so you can export your precious stuff. πŸ™‚
    4. Open Notepad, Word or any text editor, paste the contents of My Flow and save it.
      Now that your content is backed up, proceed with the connecting steps:
    • Resetting every device:
      And I'm not even sure if this is needed at all (cause I already had emergency reset and didn't have the opportunity to try without this step) so at first you could try to connect without resetting and losing your data:
    1. Open My Flow.
    2. Click the three dots and then Emergency reset.
    3. Reset the other devices too.
      Again - I'm not sure this is required.
    • Connecting devices:
    1. Open
    2. Click Page information icon in the Address bar.
      Screenshot 2020-10-05 102041.jpg
    3. Click Site settings.
    4. Opera Settings page opens and I changed every Block to Allow.
    5. Now connect your devices. Reload page if needed.
    6. Revert back to default settings on Opera Settings page by clicking the Reset permissions button.
    7. Post back the contents of the old My Flow. Time consuming! I have 38 pages of clear format text without space before, after and between lines in Word to put back. Post by post.

    I so hope this process works for you too and even without the resetting part.

  • @baligo
    Had this problem, my problem was that my desktop and phone were using different wifi connections. Once they were on same they connected with no problem. Hope this helps some of you.

  • i found the solution here

    I removed all my older pairings and then I was able to connect

  • @baligo it works! thank you so much! πŸ˜—

  • @liewcheonfong I'm glad it worked. It took me couple days trying this and that to figure it out. Did you try without the resetting part?

  • Hey there, @ITAKAAAAA!

    🍌 What a slippery question!
    😡 So slippery, that I fell flat on my face!

    😧 What an error!
    You are experiancing an error in Opera, please contact Opera so they can fix this unexpected error...

    πŸ™ Sorry!

  • Click on "my flow" where it appears to scan with the QR code, on the top corner left you will have three dots, click on them and go to "Emergency reset", I think that solves your problem.

  • lol I just had to uninstall opera touch app and reinstall it again. just.. wow.

  • @MrGoldstick said in My flow "failed to connect":

    lol I just had to uninstall opera touch app and reinstall it again. just.. wow.

    I agree it is possible solution. When I uninstalled opera touch then restarted system and reconnect finally succeed. Actually I was using opera because of its flow feature. Now I do not need to use it anymore.

  • I had the same problem when trying to connect my new phone. Disconnecting my computer to My Flow as described above fixed it. I had my old phone and and a tablet still connected so I just reconnected the computer to the My Flow on the tablet (I suppose I could have reconnected to my old phone too) so I didn't lose all my flow history. I then connected my new phone to my flow on the computer. All good thanks.

  • Ok here is how to fix it, open the qr code on a white surface, fixed or just open it in paint 3d