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  • Just came in here searching for the bookmarks, realizing that this is one of the most visited topics in this forum. The browser itself is pretty amazing. It's very small in size, has a very cool innovative features and is super fast. But bookmarks. This means I'll be forced to stick to the 'normal' Opera-browser for now.

    Maybe if you only visit 5 regular sites this won't be a problem. But for me with a huge list of sites I like to visit the choice between using a browser with or without bookmarks is an easy one. And only using the browser as an extension to my desktop browser also makes no sense. If I want to continue browsing on my mobile and decide to save a website then I can't.

    Besides, I can already open up my desktop tabs in the normal Opera Mobile browser, so why use Touch?

  • @bbildman said in Where are the bookmarks.:

    ... I have MANY arcane bookmarks that took me a long time to discover that involved MUCH searching. To abandon those bookmarks would be a kind of browser suicide for me. Who wants to try to retrace the steps I took to have found those sites in the first place, much work went into finding them

    You said it so well! Also sometimes I accidentally stumble across something I didn't know existed & would never find again without a bookmark.

    "Browser suicide" says it all. Losing bookmarks is not the only form of browser suicide, but it would do the trick.

    I don't see why we can't just have Flow as a option in Opera Mobile & Mini.

  • this is presumptuous at least

  • I have over 1500 bookmarks so I'm using opera for Android and touch (only if I'll need to send something to flow). I hope they'll add bookmarks to touch so I could use only 1 browser. And let me delete the most visited sites, gosh, it's driving me crazy... Whenever I clear the history the original most visited (booking, facebook etc) are back!

  • I use my bookmarks everyday! There are too many to for speed dial, and I don't want to type addresses in all day. I would be lost without them.

  • I just don't understand the logic of this. The poster claim to not want bookmarks but still talk about saving pages. Let's say your doing research or something and saves it in your flow. And then 3 months later you need to find it again. What's the simplest way to find them?

  • I love the UI for Opera Touch. I personally think it is the most intuitive mobile browser and I even switched my desktop browser to Opera for sync. But I jumping ship after I tried for several minutes to find my bookmarks and found that there are none. I may give Opera Mobile a try but that feels like a step backward. It seems like bookmarks + Touch is something many of us would enjoy.

  • @pongalong It truly seems like no one is listening. I understand if someone doesn't want to use bookmarks, then they just don't use them. But the rest of us are made to not have any choice with Flow. Many of us have been using them for years (I've been using them for as long as they've been around (30 years?), and I am not willing to give them up. Opera is superior in every other way, but forcing users to abandon bookmarks is causing them to use other browsers, which is really a shame.

  • @4troses I've partially solved this by 'starring' so it shows up on the New Tab page, under the Top Sites. This gives you one-direction access to your existing bookmarks (i.e. you can't edit them in any way), but it's better than nothing. Only works if your synced data is not protected by an additional sync passphrase...

  • @leocg thanks Mate