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  • So after much consideration I started to work on my own version of OperaOS and here is y.

    As many people know, if you are a computer guy/girl, every single family member will ask you to fix their computer. In most cases there is some sort of scam website or malware. The system is used by somebody older than 35 that just learned about Facebook, movie websites and youtube. Most of these people use Skype, watsApp and facebook messenger.

    Since Opera is not Microsoft or Google, who seem to block some of the features out as they are fighting for dominance, they (Opera) would make the best option for ChromeBook type systems.

    Where I see Opera succeeding, is having a Opera OS that can be installed on any system, with minimal or high end specs. A lot of people still want a cheap computer or want to bring some life back into an older PC "2015".

    The best option you can get now days is Neverware OS, that bring Chrome OS to any PC.

    I have honestly converted many people to this, chromebooks and the Windows 10S. The feedback is more than amazing as nobody is complaining about their PC anymore.

    Reasons y all the above systems still fail and the reason I have to mix and match.
    Windows 10S - Browser compatibility. Cant install a decent AdBlocker of Edge or any other Browser.
    ChromeBook - Lack of ability to install a USB or wifi printer. (I think this option is coming now days) (some people do not want to buy a new PC)
    Neverware - Same as above, but does not allow android or other apps to be install. Because Skype is from Microsoft that narrows the ability to install for some people who use it.

    What I would like to see from the OperaOS type system.

    1. Ability to install on any low spec system up to what ever.
    2. App Store - since most of android stuff is open soruce, maybe allow APK import. Just a thought.
    3. Same as Chrome OS - keep is cloud base
    4. Maybe even allow import or sync of Google Profiles, bookmarks, passwords. (to be honest this is the only feature that keeps many from moving to opera full time. )
    5. Super clean interface. ( If i cant see my mother using it, its to complicated. I am talking about the Neon Concept browser here. - I get the idea, but seriously, who is running the marketing team at opera? Enough with the drag and drop crap, that was a few years back and nobody that is looking to stream line life will complicate to learn new gestures. This practice was proven wrong, time and time again. No reason to keep trying.)
    6. Ability to install drivers and printers (This is the reason I am trying to find a really good linux distro)

    I know i was just rebelling here, but I love Opera and I see a market that many seem to be missing where Opera could be king. This market is made by people who spend 10 hours or more on the computer.