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Add right click context menu in "All cookies and site data" for cookies control

  • It would be really useful if there were the following controls when right clicking a cookie in "All cookies and site data" menu:

    • Add to Exclusions as ALLOWED
    • Add to Exclusions as BLOCKED (when this action is selected, also delete the cookie right away)
    • Add to Exclusions as CLEAR ON EXIT

    This way you don't have to manually copy the address, go to exclusions, paste it in there and select the action (allowed, blocked or clear on exit) for the cookie. You could do it all directly from "All cookies and site data" menu by right clicking a cookie and selecting a desired action for it. This is also super useful since I found out Exclusions list is actually synced between Opera browsers, meaning this could become incredibly powerful cookies control tool, ensuring you're only accepting the cookies you want to keep, all within comfort of a browser without needing an extension to do it. Everything is already there, Opera devs only need to add those 3 options when right clicking a cookie and voila!

    Also, cookies that you don't manage, behave as dictated by the global cookies setting in Opera settings.

    I've tried many extensions and all of them are too clumsy to manage, but this in combination with other ideas I've made here for cookies management, Opera could really stand out in this regard among browsers providing such tools out of the box to users.

  • I have a cookie control tool, which I use in conjunction with having cookies set to be blocked by default. The extension is called Policy Control, and it allows control of cookies plus 10 other items. You control what is allowed for the site currently being viewed.

  • Well, I don't want an external tool if Opera could have this out of the box. Besides, I hate external tools because they don't sync data between browsers. I don't want to keep doing same thing for all 3 systems that I run. Unless this tool you're mentioning controls cookies directly via Opera's controls. Then it might be interesting...

    Great, this thing can add it to exclusions. And it does it in such a way that I now can't remove the damn thing from the exclusions list. WTF It has "i" in a circle instead of delete button. And extension has no control to remove it. Stupid.