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Only store cookies and site data for bookmarked domains

  • Any chance we could get additional 4th setting for cookies that would only allow permanent storing of cookies for webpages that are stored in bookmarks while deleting all the others when browser is closed?

    Lets name it "Only store cookies and site data for bookmarked domains". Think about it. If webpage is bookmarked, it means you use it regularly or it means something to you. Cookies from those domains should be accepted permanently in order for webpages to work as a permanent service where you're probably logged in. Cookies for everything else that isn't bookmarked would only be set for the current session and deleted when you restart the browser.

    Opera could easily track on its own what domains are bookmarked and set cookies statuses accordingly. If it's bookmarked, allow the cookies. If it's not, purge those cookies on browser exit. This way you ensure functionality while preventing tons of cookies piling up from everything you visit just briefly, usually just looking for certain information. And all this fully automated without the need for users to manually add things to exclusions. Maybe in very rare cases, but for the rest, it could easily be done as automatic mechanism that's filtering cookies like this. I mean, it's a really simple and effective method. And it would be something super unique in the browsers world, providing cleaner local cookies repository, less tracking and privacy issues via cookies while keeping the functionality of all webpages without any real user interaction.

    If anyone can do it via extension, cool, but I think being done on a browser level by Opera devs themselves would be far better and more reliable.

  • Among the pages I have bookmarked, there are only a few where I want to allow cookies. I would not want a blanket permission for every bookmarked site to set cookies.

  • @concretable I said this should be a profile/setting among existing ones, not default behavior. It's what majority could use to filter out junk cookies on a global scale while having all the pages that they use regularly working because they'd automatically be allowed since they are bookmarked. For those that aren't, users would add allowed exclusions. Which would be rare.