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Please, implement "pinned" or "fixed" items on speed dial

  • I love opera speed dial and it's the feature that makes me keep using it. However, new versions change the position of new added items. Now, they are added in first of all items instead of putting in the last position. So, can you implement the feature to get items fixed in firsts positions?

    It's because my most used items are in the first positions, e-mail, Facebook, and so on ... But now, when I add new items, they change positions ... this is uncomfortable.

    Thanks very much.

    Eric Torres

    I'm from Brazil. Sorry for bad English.

  • You can drag and drop items to put them in any order you like.

  • @concretable Yes i can. however, when i add new items, they get above, or in first place, that my important items.

    Example: I added new items to speed dial, for future use or to "favorite" them... and these new items will move my important and first items do second, third, place...

    think in usability... what are your reaction when you use an item and discover that the items is not in place? ok... but do how do you fell in second time? in third time? and so on...

  • @ericfelipe99

    My new Speed Dial entries are added bottom right, as always before.

    WIN10-64. 51.0.2830.34.

  • @vegelund My Speed Dial new entries are added in first place, sending my "most used items" to bottom...
    Have it a configuration to make new entries to last position? i can't make this.

  • I'm getting very sad with opera...

    Make a possibility to pin most used items in first place on Speed Dial is really so crazy? It's too difficult to implement?

    Now, My hotmail gone too below that a can't see it... this is ridiculous....

    Whats the purpose of Speed Dial if not make a super fast shortcut for itens that you access too frequently? And what the logic of sending your most used items to last position or changing their positions?

    Speed Dial must be a place of habits, not search... example:

    I ALWAYS... click in first item because I KNOW my EMAIL will be there...
    I ALWAYS... click in second item because my university profile will be there...

    but not... I aways have to search for items... It's not a place that i can trust... that i can feel at ease or comfortable.

    sorry, this is so ridiculous that i really don't understand this modification to put new items in first place destroying all organization i have made in speed dial... this destroy all the sense and logic of a speed dial.

    And to be honest... i only use opera because of speed dial....
    In my work, university and friend's PCs have chrome...
    I defend your browser because of user experience, but it's gone mad... I not feeling my user experience any more...

    Maybe it's time to go with others... no user experience... not reason to use opera.