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  • I have just moved to Opera, having used Chrome for more than 5 years.
    An extension that I used regularly in Chrome was OneTab. It allowed me to save individual (or all) tabs to a list so that I can access them later. It works the same way as saving bookmarks except it's faster and easier.
    In Chrome I currently have 1650 tabs saved in OneTab. I can get through them before uninstalling Chrome, but i'd like something for Opera.

    I have looked at Opera extensions but can't find anything to fit the bill. TabHamster looked promising but doesn't allow the saving of individual tabs.

    Any suggestions?

  • @braed

    Meanwhile your Suggestion is studied.

    You can download "Install Chrome Extension", then install OneTab - as many others - and Export/Import your saved pages.

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  • @zalex108
    Wow! Thanks!! 🙂

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