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Plugin path in the home directory -

  • After testing Vivaldi, I'd like to give Opera a chance to compare, but here I have the same problem as there:

    No web radio works with the included plugin
    Here (Opera) like there (Vivaldi) I had to replace the browser's own plugin (which probably supports only licence-free codecs ) by the full version (extracted from oxidesqt-codecs-extra_1.21.5-0ubuntu1_amd64.deb).
    I had to do this in the program folder (/ usr / lib / x86_64-linux-gnu / opera), I did'nt know the correct path in the home folder, where Opera would search the plugin.

    Web radio works now, but I would likely copy the plugin in my home directory. Does anyone know the correct path?
    $ HOME / .config / opera it is'nt.

    (By the way, for Vivaldi it was $ HOME / .local / lib / vivaldi /, the folders had to be created first.)

    I have created the folder /usr/lib/chromium-browser and pushed it there, but anyway I I would like to know, where Opera would search in my homefolder.

    (My English could be better, I hope you understand me.)

  • Opera checks in these locations for

    $ cat /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/opera/resources/ffmpeg_preload_config.json

    None of which is inside home. If you are on ubuntu, why not install chromium ffmpeg codecs extra?

  • I know the file ffmpeg_preload_config.json...

    Then it is just like that and the file remains at the place where I pushed it.

    @jimunderscorep said in Plugin path in the home directory -

    If you are on ubuntu, why not install chromium ffmpeg codecs extra?

    What would be different then? I am on Debian and I can't find this package.
    I should leave it like this.

  • Debian does not package chromium ffmpeg codecs from chromium's source, but uses some libav* libs to give its chromium the needed codecs for better html5 support. The same applies to mageia as I found out yesterday.
    Unfortunately, opera is coded to only use libffmpeg, so if your distro does not have it available in any package, you are stuck with the poor html5 support its stock libffmpeg provides and you'd better use another browser for the sites that do not work properly on opera.
    That's what I do as a user of debian testing x64.

  • Hi @apero, I would not recommend of using of the oxidesqt-codecs in this case. It seems that it usually lags behind the latest versions, and its security has been proved to be exploitable. Therefore, it's less secure to use it, instead of the libs from other packages, that include up to date versions.

    You can try to use the lib from the Herecura's repo - please follow the steps mentioned here (except, that you download the opera-beta-ffmpeg-codecs package). Alternatively, you can download more recent version from Archlinux's repo, and folow the same steps.

  • @l33t4opera
    I have followed your advice.
    The developer version did not work, but the version of Archlinux does its job.

  • @apero, yes, the developer one is compiled for Opera developer, and that's why I wrote above "opera-beta-ffmpeg-codes".
    I'm glad, that the second one also works for you ;-)

  • I'm using opera 50.0.2762.67 stable in ubuntu-14.04 trusty.

    None of codecs of /usr/lib/chromium-browser/ works, the opera crashs when I enter in video pages or not detect in youtube test page.

    After many tries I found a package that works in archlinux community.

    I only download it and unpack and copy the libffmpeg to /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/opera/lib_extra/

    Download the package click in link "Download From Mirror"
    extract the package
    copy the file opera-ffmpeg-codecs-xxxxxxxxxxxx.pkg/usr/lib/opera/lib_extra/ to