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DNA-19859 - Out Of Date Bookmark Specs

  • I've reported out of date bookmark specs as bug DNA-19859. The example on this page no longer works. That probably explains why not a single bookmark extension has been updated in a few months. I'll likely roll my own once the page is updated to conform to the new bookmark folder structure.

  • Can you please specify which part is not working for you? Also, which platform are you on (Mac or Windows) and which version of Opera are you using?

    I have re-downloaded the sample extensions and re-tested them in the latest stable Opera and Opera Developer too, and it is working fine.

  • Really? Weird. I am on Windows 7 64-bit and using Opera 20 (at least to test it). I see the little jigsaw piece show up when I install the extension example, but when I click on it all I get is a small white window. I have unfoldered bookmarks and a couple bookmarks in folders to see what shows up but it appears nothing is detected. I am not using stash or speed dial at all.

    I am using the extension link labeled "You can download the working extension and have a play with it".

  • I have a mac and tested there. I will get it tested in windows to confirm...

    Can you do me a favour and please check it in Opera Developer too and let me know whether it works/breaks there too (and whats the build number)? We haven't really the changed the API from our side, so this issue is quite strange!

    Thanks 🙂

  • Yeah, that's really odd, Opera Developer 22.0.1471.8 is just fine for me. Opera 20.0.1387.91 by comparison just pops up a blank window. I made sure I have the same extensions installed in both Opera 20 and Opera Developer and confirmed all the settings are the same on both. So hopefully it's fine on the next Opera update.

    By the way, is it possible at all to specify addon buttons to be optionally added left of the address bar? I'm trying to simulate the old bookmarks panel which always pops up on the left of the screen.

  • My best guess is that there's a new option in Opera Developer that doesn't exist in Opera 20: "Download extensions into profile directory"

  • Thanks for letting me know that its working on O22 Developer ... 🙂 As for adding the icon to the left of the address bar, there is no way to do that ...

  • Well, I do hope layout customization comes back in the near future at least. I miss being able to rearrange everything, including moving tabs to the bottom. I know Chrome itself is stubborn about no layout customization but hopefully the core code is flexible.

    Thanks for your assistance!