I am so happy now =D But please bring back tab stacking!

  • In 2013 I felt forced to replace beloved Opera 12 and settle for Mozilla since Opera replaced 12 with a broken chrome alpha. Since Mozilla launched their new almost unusable UI, I went back to Opera. And this current version feel and act like the old proper pre-12 Opera. I got so happy I literally applauded my monitor!

    But I really miss tab-stacking, please consider bringing it back!

  • I agree, I miss it so much from < Opera 12. However there are many things that are as great of importance for the devs to dev on.

    I reckon that it's going to be at Chromium development to lay the groundwork - to which other clients can start to build better tab handling. It might be a good idea to post feedback to Chromium devs (google-groups, email, twitter, etc).

    Here's Chromium blog: blog.chromium.org

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