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All media is not working on ubuntu 17.04

  • Soundcloud, twitter videos.. etc
    Basically all media is not working at all except for youtube

  • It has already been discussed for more than a dozen times: opera has really poor html5 support, period.
    If your distro has chromium-codecs as a package, you install that to improve it and thats all that can be done.

    And youtube is working because it plays its videos in vp8/vp9 (webm), not h264 (mp4) as it should.

  • thank you

  • Hi @smatm1, alternatively to the above, to be able to watch the H264 videos in the Opera, you can try to use one of the "opera-ffmpeg-codecs..." packages from the Herecura's repo, just follow the steps described here.

    Hi @jimunderscorep, with all due respect, it's not like that Opera "has really poor html5 support", but the problem is, that "A license to redistribute an H264 decoder is not within Opera's reach" - you can find more details here.

    By the way: you can force YouTube to serve the videos using H264 codec, by installing the h264ify extension from the Chrome Web Store, or you can download it from the GitHub, unpack the archive, and add it manually in the Developer mode.

  • I know that opera relies on its own to play html5 stuff like mp3, mpeg4, h264/5, webm, aac, ogg etc and, due to licence reasons, it can not play many popular ones (mp3, h264/5 etc) as seen on This is what causes problems on sites like twitter, facebook, soundcloud etc and, in turn, complaints from the users.
    If the user is lucky to use a distro like ubuntu which packages chromium-codecs-ffmpeg, he installs them and opera uses that and automatically gets better html5 support.

    What if he is unlucky like me on debian, which does not package chromium-codecs-ffmpeg and relies on libavcodec(-extra), libavformat and libavutil to provide the needed html5 support for chromium and chromium based browsers? Opera can not detect these libs, so it can not use them, so opera on debian is stuck with that poor html5 support.
    And no, I will not risk breaking my system by installing the chromium-codecs-ffmpeg from ubuntu, let alone the stuff on herecura's repo which is actually a repo for arch linux! In fact, why would someone install/use a lib compiled for a different distro and definitely built with different libs/dependencies?

    Does the "--ffmpeg-preload-mode=permissive" command line parameter, mentioned on the blog post, work on opera stable? I could try it...

    Finally, disabling youtube's webm support by installing h264ify will be useful only if opera already has h264 support, which means chromium-codecs-ffmpeg must be installed beforehand. Else, you just chop youtube's webm support on a browser that does not support h264 and you end up with a browser that has the html5 capabilities of internet explorer, if not less.