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Icons only bookmarks bar ( with option to edit icons for FOLDERS AND SITES ) without deleting name

  • Feature request: Please add a feature so we can change bookmark bar icons ( folders AND websites ) so that all folders don't have to look identical meaning game websites can be a folder with a chess-piece overlay and project websites such as github / bitbucket / trello and so on can be a folder icon with a desktop pad or something...

    Also part of this suggestion would be to make it so we don't have to delete the name text in order to have an ICONS ONLY bookmarks bar...

    I use the bookmarks bar as icons only which makes it so much more usable, but being unable to organize anything in folders is bad... Example of what it could look like ( taken from EDGE because I suggested it the MS Feedback system: -- but it really is identical to Opera in the regards of how ugly the current bookmarks bar is )

    Additionally: Please allow us to change the GAP between icons... Right now the gap is so massivly huge, you could fit an additional bookmark icon in between folders if you wanted to. Being able to adjust the distance would be a huge help...

    I did this icons only bookmark bar on Firefox, but switched to Chrome because firefox became bloatware / memleakware, and then chrome became the same bloated memory-leaker and unusable... I couldn't even have 1 tab open with netflix because it'd stutter.. Opera I can have open with 100 tabs and netflix is fine along with a ton of other applications which is fantastic!! But on firefox the icons only bookmarks bar was beautiful except I had to delete the names of all of the bookmarks and folders weren't able to be edited, but the icons were close enough together I could have all of the important sites in a long line without these disgusting 32px gaps - they were 2px or so on firefox... It is about the perfect size for the gap..

  • I agree that the gap between bookmark items on the bar is way too large. With icons separating the labels from each other anyway, you would actually need no gap at all, but a single space gap would be all right.

  • Single space is too much too - it should be defined by pixels - some may prefer a single space of 16 to 32px others, like myself, would prefer 2px gap to allow more icons to be displayed along the length of the bar.

    What about altering icons of folders - and the favicons of sites? You didn't mention anything about that.

  • A gap of 2px would be fine.