Animated theme upload

  • I can't upload my new animated theme. Progress is always 0 and after 2 minutes it will turn red. I also wanted to upload an updated version but all i get is ERROR .
    Opera has some issues with converted webm files. It will not run smoothly any bitrate and resolution
    And where on this world i can find a nice video tutorial with all correct steps???


    Try upping VPN off if you have that.

  • I don't mess with Internet configuration so i think i don't have that.

  • I dunno if this helps.. With this you can view codec information:
    of your video. Perhaps it's not the right on par with compatibility? Or is it too big file? or does it run too long?

    Pardon me I dunno anything when it comes to themes.

    But don't worry! If the matter is the codec it's easy to convert it, like to h264/mp4 and then back to webm...

    Hmm maybe I should make a theme hmmm.

  • I haved 3 animated themes uploaded. I removed one of them because it was buggy and others reported issues with it. It was about 5mb very short file. So i tried to fix it by uploading a new version but it never accepted my upload. Today, i can't even upload a new theme. Some users successfully upgraded their themes but i never figure it out how they did it. The system is complicated.
    I use Movavi video suite 15 for conversion and edit.

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