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  • Take it as read that I prefer using Opera, otherwise I wouldn't be here. But why is it impossible to export browsing history? On every other browser I have used, a quick right-click, save as HTML, job done. But with Opera, not even the ability to right-click! So let me explain:

    I am a writer and researcher. I use my browser all day long, working on multiple projects. Some projects last for months at a time. What I need to do at the end of each project, or part of a project, is archive my browsing history for a future date, for when I need to return to it to do extra work, etc. After that, I can clear the cache and start on the next one. Except there is no way of doing this in Opera that I can see.

    Oh sure, there are all manner of tips for complicated processes on dubious websites, add-ons that don't work, and so on -
    believe me I have wasted hours on them. But nothing official. So what is it about Opera that makes it so damned difficult?

    Come on guys, give us a break - allow right-click/save as HTML on the history page for goodness sake!

  • I'm curious
    how do you save history in eg. Chrome?
    right click on history page will save only styling and html... none of the history data
    in FF not even that is possible

    btw. there is History file in Opera profile folder, same as in every Chromium
    you can save it somewhere, clear data...and bring it back when needed

  • @vux777:

    could you implement this feature in your addon?

  • Hi @celadyn
    sry for delayed answer, I took a break for couple of weeks

    I could, but only as HTML file (something like I did in V7 Extension Manager
    It would be backup file that users can open in any browser and click on the history links (just like any web page)

    It's easy to export history to eg. JSON file, but... importing (programmatically) history into Chromium is very limited. Only allowed method is to write single URL into history.

    Probably(!) is possible to import multiple url's (if there is no some anti-throttling mechanism), but that would be huge performance issue, not just when importing, but also every time when visiting History page, because all imported history (hundreds or thousands of url's) is pushed into single day (moment of import)... and time of visits would be flattened.

  • You could save your tabs as bookmarks. Too bad that Opera has only "Save Tabs as Speed Dial Folder". That seems awkward, compared to Mozilla browsers where you can "Bookmark this Group of Tabs", and have them go into a new special folder in bookmarks.