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Easter egg? - Reorganizing extensions · Workaround

  • Today reading this post, I've remembered about the >> button that expand extension icons (when you shrink the window)... then an :idea: has come...

    WTF!!! O.O

    Opera Blink - Reorganizing

    The changes are retained after restart.
    It happens in each Opera version too.


    • Shrink the Opera window as much as possible, in a 14" screen size #4 are the minimum visible extensions (don't know if depends on the screen size or it's a fixed quantity).

    • Reorganize extensions inside wrapped zone (drag'n'drop).

    • Ready.

    • What about the first "4"?
      I recommend SimpleExtManager (V7 Extensions Manager or any other should work also) to help if you want to reorganize the very first "4" extensions that can not be reorganized, so, if you have previous installed extensions and they are disabled, you can play with them enabling/disabling, so they will push the first extensions, and then you'll be able to reorganize the whole set.

    I Suppose it's a Chromium heritage and the Opera devs do not knew about that, now, I hope they will take advantage and work on this button addition after they know about it (reordering ability) and being that it's already built-in. 🙂

    <img src=""

    "Now", we have a workaround to reorganize the extensions. :yes: :lol:

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  • Hi zalex,

    I already know this trick for half a year right now, but what it doesn't do is:
    reorder the first few left Extensions (for me it's four items), so I still have 4 "unwanted" Extensions on the left side.

    I still hope that reordering Extensions will be natively supported in one a new Opera release.
    Do you know if this feature / suggestion is planned for a newer build?

    disabling and re-enabling does not reorder the Extension icon. Opera remembers its last position :awww:

  • :eek: Didn't know about that! :rip:
    ... and there are posts even from may :s

    this is a very bad users care... 😕 X/
    They have the key already built in and do not allow to make it usable...

    About the enabling/disabling option, I talk about previous installed extensions "disabled" so they will appear at the first place pushing the current first extensions.

    In some of my profiles I had that luck, in others I'm stuck (I have to move them manually but didn't spend time to search the post on "how to move them manually", luckily, despite the deception (this trick it's known since 6 months ago...) I've read the Vux777 post pointing on "How to move extensions manually" )

    So, just in case you had previous extensions installed (previous installed than your 4 visible ones) but disabled, you'll be able to move the current ones and reorganize them.

    About your question...
    Don't know if this is planned to be implemented.

    if this trick it's known 6 moths ago... it should been implemented 5 months ago...

    Thanks for posting the original trick post, I'll take a look despite the Sync problem.

    About the Sync problem, the only idea that I have (and has to be tested after a profile backup) is to put the Prefs file in Read only mode, then once you start Opera again, "maybe" it uploads the new configuration to the cloud and re-writes the old one.

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  • Can u imagine the stuff people can want? Reorder icons! How dare they!!

    Perhaps logical explanation is that there could be something coming along the way, something that needs more comprehensiveness~ so that there's not much point to put time on something if it's gonna be wiped out anyhow?

    Or maybe they wiped out few devs. Oh please don't put the china spying code in, that other browser did so.

  • Finally it's done (at least for Dev version).

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