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Some customization options that could be useful

  • I really enjoy using Opera, however there are a few things that could be improved.

    My first suggestion would be an option to upload custom images for speed dial thumbnails. Technically changing the thumbnail is already available, but practically... this isn't always true. Most websites only provide a zoomed out screenshot and a generic thumbnail with the webpage adress.

    My second suggestion is an ability of adding any webpage to the sidebar - it already has Messenger, WhatsApp and Telegram, why not just add whatever you want.

    Third thing - Opera has two sidebars right now. One with extensions and one with other stuff, there really should be an option to merge them.

    Fourth suggestion - I don't know if it's only me or not, but this doesn't look quite right.

    Fifth thing - Reorganizing the extension buttons. I know there's an extension for that - but it doesn't seem to work (at least on Opera Dev). A native option could be useful.

  • Why would you want to send out speed dial thumbnail images to others? Can they not get their own?

    If you want a quick way to access a page, you can put a shortcut on the bookmarks toolbar.

    Being able to rearrange the toolbar buttons would be useful.

  • The extensions buttons re-arranging has been complained about like 700 trillion times. And they refuse to add this feature. I just don't get it why not. Firefox has it, Chrome has it, just Opera stubbornly insists on its own locked down nonsense. And they keep on adding tons of other useless stuff, but ignoring this one. I just don't get it.