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Copy passwords, drag maximized window, bookmarks bar keyboard shortcut

  • I just recently switched from Chrome to Opera and while I am loving the browser and it's features, I think it could be improved with very simple updates.

    I use Opera 45.0.2552.881 on Windows 10 and OSX.

    • Update the browser so that when it's Maximized on Windows, there's a bit of space between the tabs and the top of the screen so that moving the window is easier. Right now the only way to move the window when I have a lot of tabs open (which is pretty much all the time) is going all the way to the right next to the + sign to add another tab.

    • On Chrome I can manually copy a password from my saved passwords. I like doing this when I need to re-login to an app in my computer that uses the same login information as the website version. This is not possible in Opera. I can't copy passwords and I think this would be a great addition. Also, seems like copying passwords or licenses overall in Opera is not possible as I've tried several things and didn't work. I don't know if this is a security thing or what, but it's kind of annoying.

    • I love the Speed Dial (SD), it looks and performs great. The only problem is that if I drag a bookmark from my bookmarks bar (BB) to SD then the bookmark disappears. Some websites that I use a lot I like having on my BB and my SD, so having the Bookmark disappear is really inconvenient.

    • When using Opera on my Mac, I am able to hit cmmd+shift+B to hide/unhide my Bookmarks bar, but apparently there's no way to do this via keyboard shortcuts on Windows? This should REALLY be implemented.

  • When I wanted to put something from bookmarks into Speed Dial, I copied the address from bookmarks and pasted the address into the Speed Dial form. It was faster than typing it anyway.

  • 1.Nothing to say.

    2.You could use an extension until they decide what to do.

    3.From Bookmarks manager you can copy the bookmark and past it where you want.

    4.Necessary option.

    In my opinion,
    every option should be available in every OS if it's possible to be implemented.