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Option to stop Opera from parsing RSS XML urls in feed reader.

  • I need to debug an RSS feed by looking at it's final generated source. Impossible thanks to opera's newsfeed handler hijacking it. A flag to disable built-in news handling or a simple view source button on the news preview page would save from the need to open another browser.

    Found this flag: chrome://flags/?search=news#news-feeds-page-action

    Unfortunately it doesn't stop feed urls from being handled by the news reader.

  • You can't go to the feed url in a tab and right-click on the page and choose "view source"? Even for pages that might get a preview, view source still works it seems.

  • When you navigate to a feed xml it opens personal news. No view source or anything as it's part of the browser ui and not a page.

  • Okay. My Opera (developer channel) isn't behaving like that (as in, not automatically opening personal news), but I'll reset my profile and check things out.

  • I see now. I've only added them manually before and didn't know Opera had detection that would load Personal News. I was trying the first two below and they didn't load personal news. But, I found one (the last one) that does.

    Content-Type: application/xml
    Content-Type: text/xml
    Content-Type: text/html

    So, I can indeed confirm that this is a problem. I also can confirm that the option to disable the feed action doesn't work, which I would assume is a bug if that's what the option is truly for.

    As a workaround for now, you can paste feed links into That'll show the source (below the validation results).

  • Interesting workaround and thanks for going out of your way to confirm this.
    My alternative solution so far is to paste it into Edge as it formats and color-codes the xml.
    Let's hope the devs fix the detection flags in the future.

  • Nope, they won't. :awww:
    This problem has not been resolved since 2016

  • Block the URLs with ADBlock or any other¿?
    Could be possible¿?