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  • I just realized there is now an RSS reader in Opera, but it's so clumsy. All elements are huge with lots of empty space, making it hard to fit much in the panel. Meaning recent items only show a fraction of everything (and I only have 3 news subscriptions). I have no clue what I've already read and what is actually new stuff. It's so confusing and really needs redesign. I was using "Feedly Notifier" extension before and it was quite ok because you could mark what has already been read and stuff that you click is treated as read automatically. Why can't Opera have a system so you know exactly what is new from last time you've opened the panel, automatic status changing when you read it and also manual tag if you just want to dismiss it by marking them as "Read" manually.

    I generally like the idea of browser with all the goodies included because it's faster and more efficient than Chrome with 40 extensions just to make it half usable...

  • It's even worse, the reader keeps on resetting the time of the news so it makes it look like it was just released 17 minutes ago, where in reality, I've seen that yesterday. This thing really needs fixing and until it gets fixed, I'm forced to stop using it entirely and resorting back to Feedly...

  • I would suggest adding the following improvements:

    1. Add the ability to create categories for feeds. Currently, it's Top 50 or My Sources. I like to categorize my feeds.
    2. Remove already read feeds and add a button to mark as read, mark all as read.

    That's all for now... I would like to ditch Feedly and I'm thinking that it may be possible (at least for me) by having Opera sync my RSS feeds between PC and phone.

  • Opera actually already syncs the RSS feeds (even though they don't mention this in synchronization settings for some reason). I've noticed this because I've set them on one computer and they appeared in all others as well.

    I agree with both of your ideas.

    What I'd also like to add is to entirely turn off "Top 50". I don't want that to show blue dot next to news reader for things I'm not actually interested in.

    I'm back to Feedly for the time being and I've removed all of my sources. And the thing is still showing a blue dot like there is something new there (because of Top 50 thingie). It's a bit annoying.

  • It will be cool that "Personal News Reader" get the news from our Feedly accounts.

  • It would great to show what is new and what has already been looked at. There should be a mechanism to remove those articles that have already been reviewed, similar to what happens in Feedly.

    The other useful feature would be to open links to article in the same tab and not force a new focused tab.