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  • I have a rather unusual problem and wonder if anyone can offer suggestions. I am elderly and have poor eyesight so, for me, the low contrast of the Tabs bar, Search bar and Bookmarks bar means that the legends are almost invisible. The designers have followed the modern trend of using a pale grey font colour for the text of the legends. For me all the information on these three bars therefore appears as a grey smear, which can only be resolved and read by using a hand magnifier. It is also impossible for me to recognise the active tab or see what used to be the "add tab" control. What I need is some means of colourising the background and then using a different contrasting colour for the text. Ideally, I would like to highlight the active tab.

    Has anyone got any suggestions ? --- Best regards to all

  • My apologies to all -- this post should have appeared under "Opera for *nix", NOT Windows.

    My System is - Opera 44.0.2510.857 (64-bit) running on 64-bit LinuxMint ver: 17.3 with Mate Desktop

    As a final comment ---
    I do not know whether it is an artefact of this particular version of Opera but I have spent many hours, trying to reach the controls which allow me to post and I am not really sure how I got to this point now or, if I can repeat it.This version of Opera seems horribly unstable. Is it possible to revert back to a previous version ?

    Best regards and repeated apologies ---

  • So this should be in Suggestions Box.

    BTW, you may try enabling OMenu > Settings > Search > Show system color on top bar

    And test with different system colors or Wallpapers (depending on the available options).

    At least this option exist and works in Windows.


    To revert the version, you should go to your profile and make a back up, then go to the Linux version of "Program Files" and copy the version number, download that version, uninstall Opera, install the desired version, rename "Opera_Autoupdate", put the Profile in the right place, run Opera.

    Paths to profile and install folder:

    OMenu > About Opera > Paths

    Opera AutoUpdate it's in the Install folder.


    Opera should ask if leave or remove the personal data, but with the profile back up you are save in any case of deleting without asking.

    Deleting the latest version folder in "Program Files" and modifying one file could do the trick, but few days ago I tested and a message about diferent version installed showed up when I ran Opera again.

  • You may test if changing fonts helps.

    OMenu > Settings > "Search" > Fonts

  • Thank you for your reply.

    Unfortunately, the suggestion which is the most promising ("Show system colour on top bar") is not available to me because I am running a system on 64-bit LinuxMint, not Windows.I apologise that I posted to the wrong section of this forum but thought I had made things clear in my second "follow-on" post. I have not yet tried to revert to an earlier version of Opera since I am not totally convinced that this will provide a better UI.

    As part of my on-going search for a usable interface, I yesterday downloaded a Linux version of Vivaldi. This browser offers a lot of options for customising Speed Dial so, at first sight, it appears a very promising candidate for my needs. I am also much impressed by the speed of this browser, which definitely is quicker than Opera. I will be testing Vivaldi further in the near future.

    I repeat my thanks for your reply --- Best regards -

  • I've read your are on Linux, because of that, this:

    [...] At least this option exist and works in Windows. [...]

    Now I know, it's a just Windows options.

    If there were any difference between versions, an Standalone install could do the trick too.

    [...] Vivaldi. This browser offers a lot of options for customising [...]

    Yes, Vivaldi it's plenty of options.

    It's the Chromium version of Opera Presto.

    So, go for Vivaldi.

    Maybe in the future, Opera becomes customizable.

    You're Welcome.