url link bug in Opera mini beta

  • Opera Mini beta v.24.0.2254.115109

    CMS used is Tiki.org (on VPS hosting, CentOS 6x, SSL certificate)
    tested on Android 5x, 6x (plus desktop versions listed below).

    The feature in the CMS that does not work is a 'URL link' comprised of a URL plus the ending '&ItemId='

    so when the user clicks on the hyperlink, they are sent to a specific page with empty fields in which their Item (entry in a database) is displayed for editing.

    The error message is: 'Error, you do not have permission to view the page' (yet all permissions are set).

    Some additional information for drawing parallels:

    WORKS on: Android (5x, 6x), Opera Mini v.23.0.2254.114923

    WORKS on: Desktop, Linux (Ubuntu 14.04,32-bit) Opera (44.0.2510.857) & Chromium (53.0.2785.143)

    DOES NOT work on: any Windows7 (32-bit) browser (latest Opera, Chrome or Mozilla FF)

    DOES NOT work on: desktop, Linux (Ubuntu 14.04, 32-bit) Mozilla FF (52.01,32-bit)

    Did not test on IOS.


  • last version of opera mini beta in which the URL link worked fine is v. 23.0.2254.114818

    also tested the release today (30.03.17), URL link does not work.


  • problem seems to be fully resolved in Opera Mini beta v.24.0.2254.115842 (April 7, 2017).

    thank you,

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