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The Full Screen mode is realized in a not user-friendly way.

  • The current way the Full Screen mode is realized is a restrictive one, as it conducts invariably to the situation in which the users have indeed to quit the Full Screen mode, –in which they may want to stay permanently– in order to complete whatever the available tasks (as examples, selecting in Menu’s bar one of the two states for a page (Back, Forward), completing a search in the URL field, opening a new tab or something else).

    In fact, the current Full Screen mode does force the users to interact manually with the Full Screen mode function that way:

    • By selecting ”Exit full screen (F11)” by mouse or pressing key F11. Doing so, users are no longer in the Full Screen mode which is not the goal when aiming at be used permanently.
    • User completes his task (whatever the task, in which Menu’s bar has to be momentarily visible)
    • Then by reactivating the Full Screen mode, which user was forcing to leave in order to complete the previous step, and that should not have to be deactivated if Full Screen mode had been conceptualized in a user-friendly way.

    The solution to that case does exit indeed:
    While in Full Screen mode, by moving the cursor on to the top of the screen, the Menu’s bar would be made momentarily visible, so the user may completes his task (whatever the task), without leaving at anytime the current Full Screen mode. Once the task would be completed, by moving the cursor out from the Menu’s bar, the Full Screen state would reappears instantly.

    The above depicted solution has been implemented in other browsers just the right way (you may know the ones). It just needs to be realized the right way once for all in Opera.