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Forwarding email addresses to new ones

  • Mea culpa, trolls, mea culpa, I didn't jump on getting my [email address here] addresses forewarded with the kind of haste I should have. Now there's no apparent way to so much as set up an "out of office" reply for people. I only finished migrating to's mail service in December 2013 or so, so I'm kind of peeved at Opera's lack of support for users.
    Is there any way at all to get my email forwarded, or are people just going to have their messages bounce from here on out?

    Considering the way that the Opera team have shown what I'll generously describe as breathtaking naivete in first turning Opera into a Chrome duplicate with none of the features that I used to associate with their desktop browser, then abruptly and permanently shutting down all their My Opera services (attn: trolls - what may be brief in "internet time" to you is not a lot of time for those of us who don't exist entirely within the interwebz/expect some sort of continuity of support during a transition like this. A single e-mail wasn't what I had in mind, and I don't look to be alone in that); I would like to get a refund from when Opera was a two-tiered browser, and I bought the ad-free version many, many moons ago.
    That'd be a nice gesture.

    All that said, I have a strong feeling that I am just shouting into a big empty room and shouldn't get my hopes up for any sort of resolution.

  • Mea culpa and Caveat Emptor are about right.

    Email your important contacts to inform them of your new address.

    No point venting here or baiting the fan-boys. The trolls will agree with you.

  • It is/was a free service with a TOS attached, Which was obviously agreed too. People were notified about the termination of the free service, which was initially announced sometime last year. Failing to move to another service (free or otherwise) would then be of the users responsibility.

    Being a paying Opera browser user (of which I was one too), has no bearing on any of the services that Opera ASA offer now or in the future. As that paid subscription was for the usage of the Opera browser (with advertising removed) and any technical support that user may need during the subscription period, which was initial one year, usually accompanied by a free gift (Opera branded mouse mat being one). The subscription based browser model for individual users was closed many years ago, so support or re-reimbursement of said service is very unlikely, as those two services that are mentioned are unrelated and are from two different time-frames.

    Yep!, it sounds as though you are alone in a very large and empty echo chamber, with only the sound your own voice to keep you company.