[Solved]Can't log in to a website with Opera

  • I can log in to https://www.tomoson.com/login with any browser and OS except with Opera. It doesn't matter if I use Opera on Windows or Linux. I enter my credential and submit, the page simply reloads instead of logging into my account.

    Below is the output of the console:

    Navigated to https://www.tomoson.com/account/your-reviews
    browser.js:44Opera has modified script or content on www.facebook.com (PATCH-1195, Facebook - block first character in the comment field from triggering a single key keyboard         shortcut). See browser.js for details

    I don't like to use another browser just for using one website. Opera is faster and that's the only bug I encountered so far.

    Thanks for any help.

  • I got my problem solved by simply going to SETTINGS | COOKIES | All cookies and site data...| and removed all facebook and tomoson cookies, restarted the browser and was finally able to log in.

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