Opera not open sites

  • OS: openSUSE 20161003 /Fedora 24 etc
    Kernel: x86_64 Linux 4.7.5-1-default
    Shell: bash 4.3.46
    Resolution: 1280x1024
    DE: KDE 5.26.0 / Plasma 5.7.4
    WM: KWin
    CPU: Intel Celeron CPU G1610 @ 2x 2.6GHz
    GPU: GeForce GT 440
    RAM: 2831MiB / 13989MiB

    Opera 40.0.2308.81

    Not open www.dropbox.com, https://auth.opera.com/account/login?service=forums&return_url=http://forums.opera.com/category/43/русский and etc.

    Using a proxy server helps

    This site can’t be reached

    dropbox.com took too long to respond.

    Checking the connection
    Checking the proxy and the firewall
    Check your internet connection.
    Check any cables and reboot any routers, modems, or other network devices you may be using.

    Allow Opera to access the network in your firewall or antivirus settings.
    If it is already listed as a program allowed to access the network, try removing it from the list and adding it again.

    If you use a proxy server...
    Check your proxy settings or contact your network administrator to make sure the proxy server is working. If you don't believe you should be using a proxy server: Go to the Main menu > Settings > Change proxy settings... > LAN Settings and deselect "Use a proxy server for your LAN".

  • Solved

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