tabs management

  • hey guys,
    i study in dk and recently i started doing my internship as a marketing manager and really started using opera browser extensively, i'd like to ask if there's a possibility that would allow me to manage my tabs within a certain project.
    i mean i work with numerous issues at once and i have alot of windows open, is it possible to just simply start a "project" with opera that would open a window for which a separate history would be saving somehow for when i close this window and later want to reopen it i would just click some menu with my project opened it up and it would restore with previous opened tabs and its unique history. this thing would really help me a bunch with my work.

    so set up a project in opera --> new window would open with its own history saving, if i close this window i can always open it through the list of project with tabs i had opened there and unique history which i was browsing through in this window.... blabla dont have time hope u get it, thanks

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