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  • Could you please add an improve estimated download time?
    Almost all browser don't do this, but, when downloading a file, especially on WiFi, the internet speed is sporadic, and varies. I notice that each time it changes, the browser recalculates, going from 40 minutes to 60 minutes on a file being downloaded on WiFi.

    Could you please add an averaging feature so this is more accurate, e.g.:
    n is file size, s is download speed. and t is time remaining.
    Currently, browsers do this: n / s = t
    However, if you logged and average n:
    a is average speed. y is seconds past. ny is n at second y
    every second:
    n = ny
    average of n1, n2, n3 = a
    n / a = t

    This could be further improved with this: (at the end of previous and repeated every 60 seconds)
    ay = is a at second y, g is second average
    a = ay
    average of a1, a2, a3 = g
    n / g = t

    This could be repeated again and again

    This would make a very good estimated time.

    P.S. Google doesn't do this even when I sugggested it.

  • Makes sense, the question being which averaging formula to use.

    It doesn't seem major though.
    If the speed isn't very stable, it's better for the user to estimate themselves.

    Such an estimation formula for highly uneven connections wouldn't be too accurate anyway.
    Well, if the dynamics has a certain median, it'd make sense for larger files though.