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Flash Player Stopped Working

  • note as a Precaution,,, if You use XP or Vista,,,, go to services.msc,,, disable the BITS services and click on stop,,, then disable the 2 chrome updaters and hit stop,,, then Disable the Automatic Updates and hit stop. This will stop all call home ports. ALSO if you have the Manufacture calling home, then disable them too,,, WHY do all this? Because your computer was not told that the Phone line to MS was unplugged and they will forever try to call home and up date to LINKS all now gone. vista uses 50% processor till it gets home to answer,, BUT the line is dead. Flash Player 22 should stay stable! KEEP checking to see when they resolve the issue and which Version works in Opera again!!! Good Luck.

  • Uninstall Flash PPAPI plugin
    Download Flash PPAPI plugin
    Install it.
    Be Happy.

    Yeah, if this makes you happy :

    Adobe has released security updates for Adobe Flash Player for Windows, Macintosh, Linux and ChromeOS. These updates address critical vulnerabilities that could potentially allow an attacker to take control of the affected system.

    Vulnerability Details

    • These updates resolve an integer overflow vulnerability that could lead to code execution (CVE-2016-4287).

    • These updates resolve use-after-free vulnerabilities that could lead to code execution (CVE-2016-4272, CVE-2016-4279, CVE-2016-6921, CVE-2016-6923, CVE-2016-6925, CVE-2016-6926, CVE-2016-6927, CVE-2016-6929, CVE-2016-6930, CVE-2016-6931, CVE-2016-6932).

    • These updates resolve security bypass vulnerabilities that could lead to information disclosure (CVE-2016-4271, CVE-2016-4277, CVE-2016-4278).

    • These updates resolve memory corruption vulnerabilities that could lead to code execution (CVE-2016-4274, CVE-2016-4275, CVE-2016-4276, CVE-2016-4280, CVE-2016-4281, CVE-2016-4282, CVE-2016-4283, CVE-2016-4284, CVE-2016-4285, CVE-2016-6922, CVE-2016-6924).

  • I have a Windows Vista OS and use Opera as my browser. Like many others, it appears, Flash Player is no longer working for me in Opera. I don't want to revert to an earlier version, because I worry I may be exposing my computer to all sorts of viruses and malware, so I'm waiting patiently for Adobe to devise a fix for the version of Flash Player that serves Opera in Windows.
    Can somebody please advise me if they think my wait will have a positive outcome?
    Thank you.

  • Just been upgraded to Opera Ver 40.0.2308.62 on Win 8. Must say (very) initial impression is that it is browsing snappily and even Flash is working! Rather different to the somewhat sluggish and rather lumpy Ver 39.0.2256.71 edition.

  • With My OS being Vista, It appears I am only able to have Opera 36.0 on my system. Following advice given I have downloaded Flash Player(fp_22.0.0.209 and am now able to view content I wasn't able to before.
    I worry though that in doing this I am at greater risk of my computer being exposed to all kinds of viruses and malware, so can somebody tell me please when the latest version of Flash Player will be released that addresses the problems afflicting Flash Player when used in conjunction with Opera browser.
    Thank you.

  • I'd like to know that too, as I suspect would many, many others!
    It's in Adobe's hands I suspect, but they certainly have to do something. It's fairly unbelievable that they released a version of the Pepper Flash plugin that doesn't actually work in any Chromium-based browser as far as I can see.
    It is possible that it's a Vista/XP specific problem, in which case it may not be fixed as they will just say Flash 23+ isn't compatible with those operating systems, but as the 23 NPAPI plugin still works fine that would seem to be unlikely.
    I'm pretty sure that not all of the people reporting this problem are on old operating systems either.
    Google Chrome is going to drop support for Flash anyway very soon apparently, but whether this will also apply to other Chromium browsers I don't know.

  • What about WebKit, Dave? Would there be a difference?

  • I don't think this has anything to do with Webkit or Chromium.
    I've seen nothing to imply that they have intentionally changed their fundamental compatibility with Flash.
    I suspect that hard though it is to believe Adobe have just released a version of their Pepper Flash plugin that doesn't actually work with the browsers that it's supposed to work with!

  • Further research has thrown up that the problem is indeed that Pepper Flash 23 does not work on Windows XP or Vista, although the NPAPI and ActiveX plugins do.
    I guess that as it's only used in Chromium-based browsers, which also no longer support XP or Vista, Adobe decided it wasn't worth keeping the Pepper Flash plugin compatible, as that is the only place it's used anyway.
    Slimjet have updated their XP compatible branch to prevent the plugin automatically updating to the non-functional version.
    Opera isn't affected by this as it doesn't include the Flash plugin with the browser, as Chrome and Slimjet do.

  • It's the second Tuesday of the month, and Adobe has released a new Flash Player :

    Over at the Adobe forums thread, staff says fixes this issue.

    I installed it, and I no longer get the "can't load plugin" issue.

    One funny thing, though, every time I go to "settings", I get the Windows error message saying "Opera encountered a problem and needs to close". But when I click on "close" it doesn't close, and I can continue to use Opera with no problem.

    It gives these details :

    AppName: opera.exe AppVer: 36.0.2130.80 ModName: pepflashplayer32_23_0_0_185.dll
    ModVer: Offset: 000f47b5

    This is on XP SP3, Opera 36.0.2130.80.

  • Yep, working fine here.
    I must say, referring to what I said in my previous post, that I'm very surprised that Adobe fixed this!
    Does make you wonder even more why they put a non-working version out there in the first place......

  • Actually, forget what I said before, the plugin loads but is extremely unstable, both in Opera and Slimjet.
    If you try and do anything other than simply play the video in real time, like scrubbing or seeking, it immediately crashes.

  • Yeah. Not working right. Crashes, errors, stuff like that.

    Maybe it's time to do without Flash. A lot of sites work with html5 instead.

  • Slimjet have just released for XP, and it includes Flash, and it seems to work fine.
    I couldn't get it to work by just substituting the files, but whatever they've done seems to have fixed it, so it is possible.

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