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Fundamental internal architecture bugs

  • Hi

    I'd like to report some fundamental internal architecture problems with Opera Mini.
    This is NOT related to the rendering, and NOT related to the proxy/rendering servers.
    This is about how it actually behaves as a web browser application.

    It seems that the handling of HREF links and the loading of pages is quite broken. This has been going on for years (I've submitted bug reports) but hasn't been fixed yet. At the moment I would say that it is affecting 50% or more of the links I click on and pages I want to load. If it doesn't affect you as badly as it affects me, please don't say "it's ok for me". I just want to hear how badly it affects other people so we can get an idea of how pervasive this is and encourage the developers to actually fix it. And also please note I am not reporting anything to do with page serving or page rendering.

    For reference I'm using opera mini on Android (Z3C) and use the extreme savings mode.

    1. Pressing on a link takes me to the wrong page! Yes, it renders something completely different. Often seen with facebook, I press on a link and it takes me to one of the other links on that page.

    2. Links stop responding completely. Pressing on a link does absolutely nothing. However holding down on the link and opening in a new tab does work. But once it has got into this state the only solution is to close all tabs, quit browser, and start again, because it never recovers.

    3. Pressing on a link goes to a new blank page and the spinner shows it is loading but then loading stops and the page remains blank. This happens to ANY link, it's not a page rendering problem or a particular website problem, ANY page may end up blank. As proof, if I hold down on the link and open it in a new tab then it works fine.

    4. Following a link sometimes throws away history. Pressing Back takes you back to where you were two clicks ago and it's impossible to get back the immediately preceding page. Back/Forward actions show that the page has been completely removed from the history.

    5. Pressing on a link shows all the indications that it's going to load the page (spinner, etc), but when finished the page has not changed. Sometimes simply pressing the link again will cause it to work (proof that it's not the destination which is the problem). Sometimes twice is not sufficient, sometimes three times, sometimes even four times I have to click the link before it works. (I've never had to click more than four times to get a link to work).

    Are there any developers reading who can comment on the fundamental internal architecture issues?

  • Hi.

    Yes, we do read the forum. Thanks for very detailed report.

    We've worked hard on fixing some of the issues last year. From our perspective the issues were toned down greatly. If you're experiencing the problems that frequently, then there must be something special. Thus, please answer following questions.

    a) Do you use mobile or WiFi connection? If mobile, then what kind (2G, 3G, 4G), which operator and in which country?

    b) Which Opera Mini app version you use?

    c) Can you provide some specific links or webpages on which the issues are most severe?

    d) Does your device frequently run out of memory (get very slow or kills background applications)?

  • a/ 3g but doesn't matter.
    b// all, doesn't matter.
    c/// quick tap on 2 speeddials (first URL should not be resolved before second tap, try server:test), second URL could be 'debug:' (or "server:version?" if you want). Well, sooner rather than later you will see a duplicate for server info page just looking forward on data session, feels similar with interstitial links. BTW, interstitial:blabla works an it shouldn't.
    d//// I doubt that a null pointer (as in JVM) is whitening the page preloaded from servers. You can force a memory roundup with server:test if you prefer.
    You know, this kind of issues are from ages Dude, I mean Sir; in short: things are meant to work in this way, perhaps you should ask the old guys what's spinning. Sorry for my bad englis. I think that the generic problem is the servers fallback, that doesn't happened on your your backend doesn't it? Anyway, my englis is too bad, sorry again.

  • Hi, and thanks for responding.
    a) I use both - WiFi at home and mostly 4G elsewhere (O2 in UK)
    b) 18.0.2254.106542, but the same problems affect every version so far
    c) I mostly use facebook followed by bbc news, theregister, thecourier, bbc weather, very little else
    d) not often out of memory, usually only if I run several mapping program simultaneously (google maps plus mmtracker etc) in which case opera mini is killed otherwise it stays running in memory for weeks at a time.

  • I have similar problems 1) 2) 3) 4) and 5). I use last version of Opera Mini for iOS with "Opera Mini" mode of traffic compression.
    First problem ("pressing on a link takes me to the wrong page") I also had for Opera Mini for Symbian when I used Nokia smatphone two year ago. Nothing changes.