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Why can't change the keyword of default search engine?

  • Every few months I come by and check on the status on this issue, only to find multiple threads about it with the same excuse. It's been going on for over a year already, but it seems Opera hasn't yet found a way to make it happen, which makes it seem there hasn't been an attempt to provide a fix, which is what makes it discouraging considering all other browsers let you add search engines. You'd think a Scandinavian company like Opera would be most interested in freedom to appeal to new users. Happy users recommend Opera, which brings you even more Google dollars. A few possible ideas:

    a) make it so search engines have to be manually typed-in in settings - don't allow extensions/websites to add them.

    b) have a section in the AddOns website where only pre-approved search engines can be added.

    c) make it like unknown source extension installation - added search engines have to be manually approved in the search engine preference section.

    d) if none of these ideas work, at the very least add more search engine options. at least one privacy-focused search engine (DuckDuckGo or Startpage, for example) would be welcome.

    edit: hehe. nice to see lots of oldtimer My Opera era "server monkeys" around here.

  • There have been several attempts, actually. How do you allow someone to change something without allowing other (third-party programs) to picky-back on that access to change things to their own ends? It is just a really hard problem to solve.

  • What about asking for password just like when viewing saved ones in Opera?
    I bet third-party-applications can't do that...

  • The option to set a custom search engine as default was (temporarily) removed to combat malware overriding user settings and directing all searches to malicious third-party sites. Its an unfortunate situation.

    But I can change opera proxy settings from my application 🙂
    There's no way to protect user if operating system was harmed by malware.

  • Still waiting for this fix.

  • What's more annoying nowadays is that the forced Wikipedia link sends me to Wikipedia in Spanish which is AWFUL. Changing that to english is a complete annoyance.

  • Well, I'm sick of Opera not catching up to the most basic of funcionalities and not showing any improvements in months. I'm going back to Chrome and maybe will check again in like 2 years or so. I waited almost a year for this to be fixed.

    I'm really sorry that Opera has such a bad management. AGAIN.

  • @aeyoun

    The option to set a custom search engine as default was (temporarily) removed to combat malware overriding user settings and directing all searches to malicious third-party sites. Its an unfortunate situation.

    He asked for changing the default Keyword (like "g" for google "y" for yahoo) of Default Search engine. NOT changing the default engine to custom one.

    Thanks for awesome browser, keep it up 🙂

  • Is this simple issue still not solved? I really liked opera 12 and I went back to try it after a long time with Opera27, but I find it full of little annoyances like this one. It kills me to search wikipedia and get results back in my native language instead of English because of the hardcoded search keywords! Yahoo is useless for me, but I can't change 'y' search to youtube. So annoying. Especially considering that for me it was Opera who introduced me to the wonderful world of customizable search keywords 😞

  • Inability to modify default search engines is a real torture, I tell you.

    Now with new Opera I noticed that Wikipedia directs to localized one, instead of English version.
    I don't know where Opera picked up my country, it doesn't seem like it's using proxy but directing to

    Browser language is in English, preferred language contains only English, spellchecker is in English, keyboard is English... and I need English version of Wikipedia!

  • It's the end of a love affair. I actually bought Opera when they had a 2 for 1 sale (linux and windows) way back then.
    But now, the Google browser is totally unworkable for me (ubuntu 10.04, 32 bit machine):
    --when Opera starts, it goes into the tank for about 5 seconds, using all the cpu time. No idea what it's doing.
    --when I do a search, the results page flashes hard and almost unstopably. If I click just right, I can make it stop.
    --And I can't change the default browser.

    Bye bye, Opera. It's been swell (until recently).

  • Still can't change the default search engine in Opera? What the fuck, man? How much is Google paying Opera for them to lock the Default Search Engine option to nothing else but...GOOGLE! Very unhappy with how this is taken care of! It's MAY 2016 ALL-FUCKING-READY.

  • Found a fix for all Opera issues, you can get the fix here:

    Bye Opera, forever this time.

  • While every browser has its flaw or flaws, Opera could have had a button like firefox to reset the default searches. I do like the simplistic interface and non clutter. It is like using a cleaner version of chrome.