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sync issues and some suggestions to make it better

  • Hello, I have some issue with bookmarks synchronization:

    1. it doesn't work correctly with many bookmarks (like 10000 bookmarks). it usually syncs only partially and then it syncs back the errors to other browsers, so I've lost bookmarks! this is a user data loss bug! it's critical! I have lost entire folders of bookmarks! (google chrome work perfectly)
    2. on startup it imports bookmarks from other browsers without asking! in chrome I have 10000+ bookmarks, and opera imported it automatically. then I tried to delete all of the imported bookmarks (which i didn't want), monitoring what was happening in opera://sync-internals. after a while I got an error in sync internals page (page crash), and had to reload it. eventually the delete process completed.
    3. if there are errors in the sync process opera doesn't warn the user! so subsequent syncs to other browsers get the errors, and the user doesn't know about it until too late. we need a warning message when sync errors occur!
    4. if there are many errors in the sync process the only way to "fix" it is to reset all the data, and then sync again all the browsers... not too user friendly! (I got in this situation where the opera://sync-internals page was reporting about 10000 hierarchy conflicts, and they were not going away, even after multiple syncs... I had to reset all the data using
    5. we need an option to overwrite the synced bookmarks on the opera servers with the ones from the current browser, and then sync the changes to other browsers automatically.
    6. opera should also autmatically make backups of the last n=10 bookmark snapshots (n value configurable), and let the user return to a previous version (by choosing from a list). after the user select a snapshot the sync data is reset, and the chosen snapshot is synced to all other browsers.