lubuntu 16.04 and Mint XFCE

  • Hi, I have setup two PCs with P3 850 & 1G, with 384 and 512 RAM
    I installed with .dab, I get icon for start, but nothing happen.
    On P3/1G I tray with mate and there is working.
    What can I do, I get no error by tray to start Opera

  • Hi,

    Try to launch Opera from a console/terminal, and see what the output is. If you can't figure the problem out, you can post it here.

  • Hi,
    I'm back to terminal install and that works.
    DEB doesn't install right in Lubntu, Xubuntu, Mint XFCE, and Debian 8.5
    I wasn't able to start it in terminal I get "command doesn't exists", but I was able to uninstall it
    and install again from terminal.

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