"You have no saved passwords" is wrong - ish

  • I moved from Firefox to Opera on my Linux PC. The "Import Bookmarks and Settings" didn't appear to import any passwords, so I exported them from Firefox/Lastpass into a spreadsheet and pasted them in from there.

    Some websites automatically log me in and some don't. "Manage saved passwords" tells me I have no saved passwords.

    It sounds like a corrupt file to me. Can anyone advise the name and location of the password file?

  • and pasted them in from there.

    Where did you paste them? On the websites' forms? Then the passwords could be stored as cookies. If you want Opera's password manager to store them, you have to confirm that on every site.

    I don't know where the password file is stored, but probably somewhere here: ~/.config/opera.

    The passwords are also encrypted, so I don't think finding the file will help you.

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